April 2, 2007, 8:53 pm
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Brilliant and a huge improvement!
Reason #346253 why I love Alanis!

CLICK HERE to check it out!


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now that’s just weird

Comment by Kim

That is hilarious. When it is taken out of context like that how stupid those lyrics are. Where is everyone at? Spinner, PSL, stephi… All the regulars??

Comment by my2cents

that is great. it’s really chocking to see how far you can get in the music biz today with lyrics as stupid as those. she did a great job in pointing that out and making fun of it like that. love it

Comment by babyblue

thank you VERY MUCH for the best video of the year!!!

Comment by Rachel

Good Christ! Hilarious!!

Comment by princess of bloody darkness

they look like they had a lot of fun doing this! hilarious AND clever lol

Comment by SAS

meh. its really not that original of a concept. the video itself is just a shot for shot ‘parody’, and the song is something we’ve all likely sang in the shower. nothing travis didn’t do better with ‘baby one more time’, or the vines with ‘ms jackson’. all in all, underwhelming and pretentious.

Comment by candy

I smiled weakly at the beginning, but definetly didn’t see anything worth an award. Just a couple people in a studio being stupid.

Comment by Me

wow. that’s awesome!!
when did she get so pretty???

Comment by kali

cool! i hate fergie!!! 🙂

Comment by gus

It reminds me of when Jewel sent up J-Lo. I love it! I’m not a Alanis fan but I think this is great because I think Fergie is a joke and a bore.

Comment by Trinidad

She is freaking genius…lmao…so funny, makes Fuglie (aka Fergie) look like a complete MORON…good job Alanis!!!!!

Comment by starr

thanks candy!! i just looked on youtube at travis doing ‘baby one more time’ and loved it! it was one of the very few times i have listened to a britney song and not wanted to stab myself! i highly recommend it to others who have not seen it lol.

Comment by SAS

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