April 2, 2007, 4:57 pm
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Beyonce hit up two morning shows today, performing on NBC‘s ‘Today’ show and CBS‘s ‘The Early Show,’ both shot in New York.

The ‘Kitty Kat’ singer is celebrating the re-release of her ‘B’Day’  album. Titled ‘B’Day The Upgrade,’ the program features  a total of 13 never before seen videos, behind-the-scenes footage, and an exclusive interview with the singer.

To check out a clip of the diva chatting with host Matt Lauer about her deluxe-edition CD, singing in Spanish and her cooking skills, CLICK HERE.  Otherwise, CLICK HERE to see an acoustic performance of fan favourite ‘Irreplaceable’ in Spanish.


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I hate re-releases. I think it’s slapping your fans in the face that bought the initial release and then have to get it again for all the “extras.” What a bunch of bullshit.

Comment by neverafan

OMG! This is Beyonce? She’s looking more like a Michael Jackson.

Comment by MeOk?

She doesn’t look black. What’s up with that??

Comment by MeOK?

If only that wig could have flown off into the audience….

Comment by T

she looks like a fool.

Comment by crumbly

That is the 1st time I have ever heard that song Flaws and All, I actually like it.

Comment by my2cents

OMG!!!she really looks like a fool!!!

Comment by Etoile

Yeah….she does look pretty ridiculous and she should NOT wear short shorts like that! She is really milking this album for all its worth isn’t she? I guess she realises that this one will probably be her last.

Comment by Stephi

i dont understand why she is milking it SO much. did it do that badly?? i never remember her being so annoying and everywhere in the past.

Comment by SAS

She doesn’t look black. What’s up with that??

Comment by MeOK?

She looks a bit creepy lol. She’s not that light-skinned normally, so I’m wondering if it’s the makeup or lighting for the performance.

I have no words for the pantyhose.

Comment by Truly

I didn’t recognize her at first in one of the pics. I clicked on it to take a closer look to see it was Beyonce. I really, really hope it was just the lighting and she’s not being an idiot and lightening her skin. She has beautiful skin usually. Yes, her legs look a little plump, but at least they still look sexy and not all bumpy from cellulite etc.

Comment by yei

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