April 2, 2007, 2:30 pm
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Celebrity baby collector Angelina Jolie is planning to adopt for the fourth time!

Angie – who counts Pax Thien from Vietnam, Maddox from Cambodia and Zahara from Ethiopia as her adopted children – reportedly wants to adopt a girl from Chad to “balance the family”.

A source discussing Angelina’s family said: “Angelina and Brad want to make sure Zahara doesn’t feel alienated as the only black face in their family. She feels the children need a balance of faces in their life.”

Angelina is said to have fallen in love with a one-year-old girl from Oure Cassoni and asked her lawyers to begin the adoption process. The source added to Britain’s News of the World: “She is hoping to have her daughter home by the summer.”

I am gonna go out on a limb here and say either Brad or Angelina (or even both!) have a film to promote this summer as well. Nothing ensures ticket sales like little refugee babies!


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What about our Latino brothers and sisters Angie?

Comment by Game

Give me a break, the magazines are trying to get a go in Pax adoption, they planned Pax adoption for almost one year. A new baby only in 2008.

Comment by Lina

i dont like Brangelina, but that is bull, they will have a new baby prob next year. News of the world is by far the worts tabloid in UK, they print any crap.
They will have more kids, like they said, but not this year.

Comment by Sadie

tabloid crap, the mag want to get a go on Pax adotion, they planned Pax adoption for almost one year, so a new baby only next year.

Comment by Lina

Black face? Am I the only one who finds this comment offensive? Yuck.

Comment by Kelly-Ann

Kelly-Ann, I don’t think it was meant in the traditional racist use of the term “black face.” It was used in the same way someone may say “the only Asian face” or something.

That being said, I don’t think they will have a new child *that* quickly. They just got Pax home.

Comment by Erica

What exactly offends you? The fact that she’s black or that she has a face?

Comment by anon

geez…when will it end..someone stop them!!!

Comment by Kathy

First, this is tabloid cr*ap. Brad has said he wants lots of kids (a soccer team) and Angelina has also said thay will have more, both bio and adopted. She has even mentioned choosing the races of the adopted ones so that each kid has someone to identify with in terms of birth characteristics. So, this crappy English tabloid is AGAIN inventing something based on previous public information.

Also, I must say having kids, either adopted or biological, is a lot of work. NOBODY adopts to have publicity. Adopting to promote a movie? Only an imbecile would believe that. Both Brad and Angie could have all the publicity in the world just by going to red carpet events, parties… or just plain walking down the street. People are fascinated by them and cannot this couple alone.

The truth is they both want a large family and intend to build it while still relatively young. A better goal in life than that of most Hollywood people. And as a mother who knows that children are a labour of love, I wish them luck.

Comment by Mags

Comment by Game 04.02.07 @ 2:33 pm

^I was wondering the same thing… Didn’t they visit Haiti together? Or the DR?

Personally, I’ve seen a lot of kids in the DR who could do with some good parents. Too many children living in the streets and then getting pregnant at 14:(.

Comment by Aysla

I hate the fact that she can adopt any baby so easily whereas many people wait for like 15 years without even getting one. Come on, Angelina, help them or stop it!

Comment by savonnette

I firmly believe she is crazy and i’m begining to worry about him…..

Comment by MikeC...

The only reason this ‘newspaper’ (I’m using that term very loosely) made this up is because neither Brad nor Angelina have been seen recently and the tabloids need a story.

Comment by Phoenix

News of the World (NOW) makes up lies all the time, and they made this story up. However, I do think they will have another child or two next year, for a total of six.They have both said they want a lot of kids rather quickly.

Comment by mazy

Everyone seems to forget about poor little Shiloh. She’s the biological one and the adopted ones get more press than she does.
I honestly can’t find a fault in Brad and Ange adopted a whole group of kids. I mean they are wealthy and obviously love being parents so why not? They are really changing the lives of these kids and giving them opportunities they could never dream of! How can anyone complain about that?

Comment by Stephi

Shiloh gets the most press. But right now, Pax has just been adopted so there is more news about adoption. I doubt very much that they want any of the kids to get any press. Neither Brad nor Angelina go looking for publicity.

Comment by mazy

I firmly believe she is crazy and i’m begining to worry about him…..

Comment by MikeC… 04.02.07 @ 6:09 pm

Agree. I think there’s a valid argument she’s OCD and I personally think he is having a mid-life crisis.

Comment by Randi

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