April 2, 2007, 9:21 pm
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She may have been edged out of on Oscar, but Beyonce Knowles certainly deserves an award for shilling. While most of us were sleeping, the hiptastic singer was a nonstop promoting machine, going from the ‘Today’ show to CBS‘s ‘The Early Show.’Still not sick of her?  Want more?  Beyonce is set to appear on a special ‘Larry King Live’ tonight hosted by none other than Star Jones

It shall be great fun to watch Star shower the gorgeous singer with superfluous compliments while the seed of envy eats her up inside.    


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I try to show entertainers some love who do not look like anorexics but I can’t help everytime I see her in a short skirt her legs look HUGE. She has a nice curvy figure and looks much better in form fitting slightly longer skirts. JMO.

Comment by my2cents

I think her legs look fabulous and I am happy that she shows them off.

However, I am not loving the pink lipstick with red nail polish.

Comment by Trish

shes so talented, and beautiful. i love the success that beyonce has been having lately, she deserves it.

Comment by kimberly

I agree with you my2cents. She just does not have the figure for these short little outfits! It doesn’t look sexy it looks trashy and rude in my opinion. And can she please stop promoting this album its getting REALLY old.

Comment by Stephi

i, too, always startled by the size of her thighs.

over the weekend she had a special on mtv promoting her dvd. the intro went through all of her accomplishments this year. much to my surprise, she considers herself to be an oscar nominated songwriter! pfft.

Comment by mae

ergh bad bad dress. i am officially over beyonce.

Comment by SAS

someone get this girl a mirror!! And, also, tell her she is a big girl now and she doesn’t have to wear whatever mommy tells her to.

Comment by Kathy

I am SO sick of Beyonce. I do admire her confidence to be up on stage when she’s not a stick. I actually think she looks fine. Yes, her legs are alittle plump, but they don’t rub together when she walks etc.

Comment by yei

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