April 2, 2007, 2:00 pm
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ree.jpg Jonathan Rhys Meyers had jaws dropping when he decided to get down and dirty with a beautiful brunette at a New York nightclub.

Shortly after their arrival, the Irish hunk and his date Reena Hammer headed straight for a couch in a dimly lit area of The Plumm nightspot.

Jonathan and Reena then began passionately kissing in front of a crowd of revelers.

A source told the New York Post: “It was really a scene. She straddled him, and they were at it for some time.”

After their make-out session, Jonathan and Reena left the club without even buying a drink or dancing.

 Operation Hollywood Bearding: Complete.


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I really don’t think he’s gay.

Comment by Jk

I really don’t think he’s gay.

Comment by Jk 04.02.07 @ 2:43 pm

Me either.

Comment by Truly

I don’t think he is either.

Comment by Truly

i’m not the only one! i really cant see him being gay and i think its very perezesque to hound on it every post about him. you don’t have to call someone gay to be cool bloggers!

Comment by SAS

His “date” Reena is his gf of many years.

Comment by TJax

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