April 2, 2007, 1:44 pm
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Page Six reports Paris Hilton‘s intellectual prowess is being mocked by a storage company in New York to promote its services.

One of their ads that recently appeared on phone kiosks shows a Chihuahua who looks a lot like Paris’s Tinkerbell. The accompanying slogan says, “Your closet’s so shallow, it makes Paris look deep.”

The company’s tongue-in-cheek advertisements are not Paris-centric. In similar vein, another campaign puts the cross hairs on President Bush with “Your closet’s scarier than Bush’s agenda.”

Paris’ diligent publicist, however, is not amused. He has alerted the hotel heirhead’s lawyer, Howard Weitzman, who in turn has fired off a “cease-and-desist” letter to the storage company.


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Yuck. I can smell her from her. Waste of space.

Comment by Black Velveteen

LOL. I love it. I hope the storage company gets to keep those ads ;).

Comment by Aysla

i happen to love paris hilton, and george bush with a passion. those people are lame who started those things.

Comment by kimberly

^^i hope you’re joking..

Comment by mylene

I guess they are kinda clever but I really hate it when companies rely on paying other people out for their ads or when comedians rely on hating on people for humor. Surely there are other things to laugh about than other people. I just don’t find it that funny.

Comment by Stephi

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