April 2, 2007, 2:12 pm
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Victoria Beckham continued her life of absolute leisure yesterday by hitting the slopes in France donning a white ski suit.


With her Edie Sedgwick-inspired ‘do held back by a bandana, Posh looked as comfortable swishing down the hills as she does prancing down the red carpet.


In other Posh news, Jennifer Lopez has agreed to become Posh’s new fashion guinea pig and try out her exclusive range of jeans.

Desperate to ensure that Victoria Beckham’s new range of dVb denims flatter her generous curves, The Mirror reports Jennifer is wearing the jeans every day, making notes and asking hubby Marc Anthony for his opinion of how they look.

Jeans or not, we’re sure J.Lo’s more than generous badonkadonk looks just fine.


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I love her hair this way, i have to say….otherwise, she looks like a boy in this ski suit.

Comment by parissucksliterally

I’m glad this is just temporary. Me no likey.

Comment by Game

I can’t help but look at her nostrils. ugh.

Comment by yeahso?

Me too no likely the site….I am also glad it is temporary. I bet it will look fab once complete…can’t wait.

PS Posh looks great at usual…she will never top this ski outfit though


Comment by oliviagrace

Arasto, I love the new site, but I have to say I really HATE the Snap preview thing. Not only does it bog down the page load time, but every time I move my mouse over a pic to click-to-enlarge, that silly Snap window slows down the browser. I don’t need a preview, since that is what the thumbnail is for. Really, can we do without it, please?

Comment by yaheina


you are so right! when I saw this picture the first thing that came to mind was Posh’s Chanel Ski Outfit…how fabulous is it!!! If I owned one I’d like to be buried in it…it would be my legacy!

Comment by Christina

I think she needs to pull her pants up

Comment by mymekay

I’m not a huge fan of the new site either…its not as easy to use so I’m glad its temporary!
It just amazes me how Victoria even manages to look fantastic in snow gear! Most women look like colored blobs coming down the slopes but she looks great! I really really feel like skiing now!!

Comment by Stephi

She needs some work on her pig nose.

Comment by cc

I bet you could easily fit a couple of marbles up her nostrils…

Comment by Aysla

Ugly nose and nostrils.

Comment by Miss

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