April 3, 2007, 12:47 am
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Mandy Moore fractured her ankle jumping off a boat for a Self magazine photo shoot, a rep for the actress tells People.

“It happened at the end of February in Mexico,” her rep says. “It was for one of the setups for the spread where she had to jump into the water.”

Consider it revenge for ‘Candy.’


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Mandy admitted that her first album was crap. She even offered to give people a refund on the album if they bought it. I’m sure the record company was just thrilled with that!
How could she have hurt her ankle at the end of Feb when all of March she has been out and about without any sign of strapping?

Comment by Stephi

^^ it could be something like a hairline fracture or a chipped bone that has just been niggling at her. i once thought i just badly jarred or sprained my wrist and only went to the doctor when the pain wasn’t going away after bout 3 weeks and it turned out to be fractured.
why does she look like she’s crying in these pics? or is it just me?

Comment by SAS

Ok, if this happened in February, I don’t understand how she wore high heels to the kid’s choice awards and the next day she’s in the boot.

Comment by gblinda

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