April 3, 2007, 4:20 pm
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Just another shot of Britney Spears’ showing off her latest tattoo as she leaves Barney’s on Monday. It’s trashy and ugly. Like a bingo dauber gone wild.


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I wish you’d have shown her pretty outfit Arasto! Her lovely boots, which accentuate the stumpiness of her legs, with a flattering dress of course.

Someone hypnotize this bitch and give her some fashion sense.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Holy Cow…I get back from my trip & everything is changed. Hi psl!! This will take some getting used to.

Comment by spinner

I wonder if she kissed her wrist herself, or had somebody else do it. OR if they’re just a pair of random lips. In anyway, it’s a dumb idea for a tattoo.

Comment by that girl

hey spinner! it does look very different!

Comment by carlett

All these tats will be even funnier in about 20 years.

Comment by my2cents

Tatoo calls even more attention to her ugly hands (as if her bitten fingernail were not enough). Gross. Just like the skanky ho herself.

Comment by Lindy

Hi carlett!! I liked the old format better. Probably because I was just used to it. I don’t like having to type in my name & mail every time.

Comment by spinner

It looks like a ringworm.

Comment by LuLu

^ ^ lol. her tatoos are very cartoonish and kiddy. oh i’m sure they have a ‘deeper meaning’ though.

dont worry spinner this is only a temporary format!

Comment by SAS

I’m not too sure about the lips tattoo. I would like it better if it wasnt colored…colored tats are just tacky in my opinion. I wonder what the whole meaning is to it though?

Comment by Stephi

Looks more like a cigarette lighter burn. Maybe she’s moved into a self mutilation phase…

Comment by Randi

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