April 3, 2007, 1:52 pm
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An intimate video exposing the private life of Kate Moss and her junkie boyfriend Pete Doherty has been leaked onto the web.

In the homemade video, believed to be made at Kate’s Cotswold retreat, a dazed Pete is filmed strumming his way through a chirpy tune, while a scantily clad Kate tries to distract him.

The video starts off with Pete playing solo in a room before Moss enters in a see-through dress, wearing only panties underneath.

CLICK HERE to check it out!


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Comment by Maximum Big Surprise

I want her house!

ooh the video was nice. There weren’t any drugs or police involved.

Comment by B :)

they nearly look like a normal couple..
nice music

Comment by io

I hate Doherty, and I think Kate Moss is a huge dolt… but the video was kind of cute. It also gives some insight about their chemistry.

Comment by Aysla

Will somebody please pleeeease tell me where I can get a chair like the one she’s sitting in?

Comment by tasha

While they are an extremely dysfunctional couple…sometimes those are the ones that work out and are together forever. Look at Tommy Lee and Pammy for example. They are good for each other in a bad way if that makes sense. I still don’t understand why Pete isn’t in jail though.

Comment by Stephi

it’s rehearsed.

Comment by anouk

^ ^ i totally that as well! yes she’s a model but we know kate does not prance around like that normally. even the way they spoke to each other seemed really unnatural to me- though i guess they could have been off their nut on drugs…

Comment by SAS

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