April 3, 2007, 3:05 pm
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It was a gathering of goodie-two-shoes last night as Hilary Duff kicked off her ‘Dignity’ album release party.

Much like her style and public person, Hilary’s new album is wholesome and apparently level-headed. She is an inspiration to young girls and disappointment to bloggers and celebrity nudity fans everywhere.

‘Dignity”s title track is an attack on the Duffster’s dumbass peers and their paparazzi antics, and while it more than likely won’t keep girls from going wild any time soon, it’s a welcome salvo.

On the other hand, if she ever ends up in the pages of Playboy, this song will come back to haunt Hilary. Mark my words.

Hayden Panettiere, Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff

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I had the unfortunate opportunity of seeing Hillary Duff on Leno last night (just flipping channels, I never watch Leno, he sucks ASS)…anyway, she lip-synched the WHOLE thing…and she even did THAT badly! She is such a useless, talentless, waste of human cells…she should donate ALL of her organs right now, there are useful human beings that need them.

Comment by starr

And DAMN….Haylie gets fuglier and fuglier every day…

Comment by starr

I don’t like that hairstyle… the one where they poof-up the hair on top, it looks ridiculous. It especially doesn’t suit her because of her fivehead, I think she should stick to bangs. But I do like Hilary in general :). Although she does look constipated in the picture of her and Hayden.

It’s funny though… you can see the brow pencil very clearly on both girls. Their make-up artist should try to go more natural, with less pencil. Anyway, Hayden is gorgeous and very photogenic… she’s got the most interesting eyebrows though…

Comment by Aysla

What do you like about Hilary, Aysla? Just curious

Comment by starr

Haylie is the Founder of the Hollywood Cling-On Club.

what a fucking ugly LOSER.

Comment by parissucksliterally

starr, I have a little sister who was obsessed with the Lizzie McGuire series on Disney and I would always end up watching them with her lol. I like that Hilary has kept it clean, modest, and respectable. She comes off as very grounded, someone that sticks to her values/morals. I like that I don’t feel that my Hilary has to be censored for my sister… unlike La Lohan, who my sister was also a fan of.

Comment by Aysla

*sorry, didn’t mean to put “my” before Hilary. That comes off slightly stalkerish lol.

Comment by Aysla

Wow, another pic of Hillary and her sister hanging on each other. That girl needs to get a friggin life ASAP. I also saw Leno and it is so apparent that she is being told exactly what to sing, what to wear, and how to dance. She is a HORRIBLE performer.

Comment by my2cents

I agree completely my2cents..it was horrendous

Comment by starr

And who the hell is Hayden Panettiere? And why do Hilary and Haylie look like they’re about to get it on? Creepy…

Comment by starr

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