April 3, 2007, 3:45 pm
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She may be turning 40-years-old in just a few months but Pamela Anderson has the body of a 25-year-old!

Isn’t modern science great?


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How I wish she’s take those RIDICULOUS implants out.

they look so uncomfortable and stupid on her tiny frame

Comment by parissucksliterally

Doesn’t she care about her face wrinkling in the sun? Throw a hat on Pammy. Go get back on your medical therapy for hep-c and stop drinking for the kids sake.


Comment by B :)

Without those implants, she’s a skinny chick with no shape or curves. She looks like a cartoon.

Comment by Aysla

Why she or Jordan thinks huge tits make you look more attractive is beyond me. NASTY!!

Comment by Maximum Big Surprise

She’s got great legs but those stupid implants have to go.

Comment by spinner

I agree, those implants are nasty. How does she even use her arms? It seems like they would be in the way of doing anything.

Comment by my2cents

^Oh yeah, and the stomach chains are so 1995.

Comment by my2cents

Ouch! They look painful.

Comment by Trinidad

she’s got a great body- she would look sooo much better without the tacky implants. yuck. she’s not a porn star after all (hmm i guess some may disagree!)

Comment by SAS

I don’t think she should take her implants out, they make her who she is. Without the implants and the white blonde hair there would be no Pammy. She is looking absolutely amazing for her age and I think shes just great. She knows how to separate her Pamela Anderson character from the real Pamela Anderson. A lot of people forget that she is totally different in real life to what she is like on TV.

Comment by Stephi

I saw a woman with implants like that (slightly smaller) at the pool recently. In person (and in the real world) they really look cartoonish.

Comment by Randi

they look heavy

Comment by thighmegatampon

I’m sorry but she’s super ugly..but sexxy though

Comment by inna

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