April 3, 2007, 1:44 pm
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Since leaving Promises Malibu, Britney Spears spent much of the first week confined to her Beverly Hills mansion, completely avoiding the cameras of the paparazzi camped outside. But since her divorce settlement with ex Kevin Federline, Brit has been less mindful of the paparazzi cameras and has regularly forayed outside her house to public places and restaurants. Yesterday was no different. The mission? Shopping. Britney first hit up Rodeo Drive and was later seen at Barney’s till past 7 PM accompanied by her cousin Ali. The two later went to Koi for some sushi. As the recently rehabbed songstress departed Barney’s, she showed off the new lips tattoo on her right wrist, ironically a grim reminder of her meltdown.



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At least we can all be assured that this dumb country twat didn’t buy anything that matched OR from this century

Comment by yeahso?

she needs to go back to kindergarten and learn how to match colors. she looks nasty and needs a stylist.

Comment by jen

she’s fucking HOPELESS.

where are your babies Brit? You “fought” so hard to keep them, yet your out all the time again…..why bother?

Comment by parissucksliterally

Oh my friggin God look at those nails. Did she not just this weekend go and have fake ones put on. Apparently she sat in a bar somwhere and ate them. WTF???

Comment by my2cents

There are just no words left for this hopeless mess.

Comment by spinner

Kids are witk Kevin..

Comment by Koki

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she grosses me out, look at her nails. if she were serving in a diner, (which is too good a job for this nut) I’d wouldn’t want to eat what she touched. She’s disgusting, there’s no reason on this earth why she dresses as she does, except that she’s pure trash, who got very lucky.

Comment by jane

Cowboy hat, the same stinking boots that make her legs look more chunky and she more dumpy, she seems to think this is a ‘cool look for her’. I would love to see her broke, or near broke, then lets see if she walks around like she’s the queen B wearing clothes nobody with a brain & $500 in their bank acct would ever wear. She has this sense of “entitlement” like, I can do whatever I want, I’m Britney S. But take away her $$$ and she is nothing, a zero.

Comment by sara

It’s amazing to me that people are already finding things to bash her about. She just got out of rehab and has had a really hard time lately…I think she deserves to just go shopping. Her kids are still with Kevin apparently and this is a good opportunity for her to get back on her feet again.

Comment by Stephi

She tore her nails apart at the LAKERS game a day or two ago. I don’t know where I saw it but she was picking at her nails at the game, and when she was leaving her finger was actually looking painful and dripping blood!

Her nails show everything: she is not rehabilitated. ALl of the showings of her lately are media stunts set up by her PR people.

I want to like her but I don’t know. Maybe Timberland will revive her career, but I didn’t buy any of her CD’s anyway. SHe was too bubble gum for me.

Comment by keller

Stephi, she was SHOPPING while she was IN “rehab”.

“Poor Britney”…….are you kidding? Everything that has happened to her she brought on herself. (Except PPD, which she may or may not have suffered from)

Comment by parissucksliterally

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