April 3, 2007, 5:16 pm
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SARAH JESSICA PARKER sparkled in a sequined short-sleeve mini dress by Alice + Olivia at the recent launch of Esquire‘s ‘Tap Project’ in New York City. Meanwhile, kid fave EMMA ROBERTS donned the tank version of the same dress at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice over the weekend in Los Angeles.


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Sarah, she looks really cute in that dress.

Comment by my2cents

Sarah definetly. That dress should be the center of attention in an outfit like that, and I find Emma’s shoes distracting. I also like the dress better with sleeves.

Comment by Truly

HAHA! You piece of dog shit. You got booted on Blogger and now you set up this gay ass blog! Your blog sucked over there, and it sucks here. Cool site poop dick.

Comment by Your Mother

SJP looks better & I say that reluctantly.

Comment by spinner

I think Emma, but with Sarah’s shoes.

Your Mother: if you hate this site, why are you HERE?

we love Arasto, and you can stay with Perez, or whomever else you think has a good blog. Happy gossip hunting, you turd.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Sarah – she’s more womanly and fills out the dress better – the other chick looks like a little girl trying on her mother’s clothes.

Comment by whatever

Sarah, definitely!

Comment by Shoe_freak


Comment by Kelly-Ann


Comment by 4PetesSake

That dress looks like it’s straight out of the JCPenney catalog. People will wear a hefty bag if it says ” H’effte.”

Comment by j.c. penne

How about f*ck you! How’s that for a “comment?” Your comment has been deleted because “you’ve already said that” crap??? I’ve never posted anything here. Nice automated forum. (note sarcasm)

Comment by j.c. penne

When did people here get so mean? Makes me think of Perez’s page. 😦

Comment by Erica

SJP- although i like the sleeveless version better i just can’t stand those shoes the other girl is wearing!

Comment by SAS

DEFINITLY emma, sarahs too fat.

Comment by leela

Emma, love her shoes!

Comment by WTF


Comment by happy

sjp, she’s got the bod.

Comment by candy

Emma, but just by a smidge.

& whoa, what’s up with the bitchy posters? Had a bad day? Take a deep breath and count to 10 before you write up your comment next time. And Arasto wasn’t “booted”, his blog is moving up in the world ;).

To j.c., this new layout is still new and definitely has some kinks to work out, but Arasto said it’s only temporary. Deep breath now.

Comment by Aysla

SJP of course!! She wears her clothes so well and everything she wears she looks like she is really comfortable in it and that it was made for her. Emma on the other hand while she does look cute she looks like she would much rather be wearing jeans. She’s really pretty though!

Comment by Stephi

SJP by far! she’s got the figure for the dress

Comment by m ee

Jessica looks a bit too old for that dress.

Comment by June


Comment by sigh

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