April 3, 2007, 2:05 pm
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May the DNA testing officially begin!

Mel “Scary Spice” B. has gave birth to a baby girl just after midnight in a Santa Monica hospital. A spokeswoman for the former Spice Girl said, “The baby is completely healthy with a good head of hair. Mother and baby are now resting. No name has been decided on as yet, and she is purely known as Baby Brown.”

According to Mel, Eddie Murphy, whom she dated briefly, is the babydaddy. Eddie has a different opinion.

Well, let’s get to testing, people! This child needs to be reunited with her gay father at once!


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no matter how D-grade the celebrity- i always wait in anticipation to be horrified at what bizarre names they call their children. her first is called phoenix chi so who know what this one will be.

Comment by SAS

What I find to be the funniest thing about this situation is:


Comment by parissucksliterally

Wowww how crazy is that^^^ Happy birthday eddie!!! I honestly think the child is his so he probably won’t be having too great a day seeing as he denied everything with Mel.
I want to know what she named the kid too. Pheonix Chi isn’t really too bad I don’t think…kinda cool.

Comment by Stephi

I’m willing to bet he is the baby daddy. I hate these creeps who know damn well it’s their kid and deny, deny, deny. Sue his ass off Scary!

Comment by Randi

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