April 3, 2007, 3:32 pm
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Is Mariah Carey the next celeb to adopt a foreign baby?

The voluptuous singer visited a Mexican orphanage with her lawyer recently, according to MSNBC, and is possibly interested in adopting one of the children.

Mimi spent time at the Frank Gonzalez Orphanage in Mexico, according to Carey fan sites, which quote a Latin-oriented radio program called ‘America Showbiz.’

A rep for Mariah has refused to comment, only saying they would not speak about her personal life. And as you all know, in the world of celebrity, not acknowleding the issue is an admittance of guilt. Congrats Mimi!


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Bull….Mimi has said that she’s too self involved to have a baby now, and that people should think about these things before adopting/having kids.

Comment by parissucksliterally

I don’t believe it. I agree with PSL.

Comment by hotbitch

There’s not enough room in Mimi’s life for anyone but Mimi.

Comment by spinner

I think her adopting would be a big mistake. She is so egotistical that the ONLY way she’d be able to be a good mother to a child is if it biologically belongs to her. Otherwise, she’d likely lose interest and hand it off to the help.

Comment by LuLu

i agree with you all. it would a big mistake for mimi to adopt (or even have a bio child IMO) she has a lot of issues let alone caring for a child. i hope someone in her camp is smart enough to dissuade her.

but maybe we’re underestimating her- there are a lot of celebs i thought maybe wouldn’t be great parents and they seem to be doing alright…

Comment by SAS

While I agree that she is extremely egotistical and would find it hard making room for anyone other than Mimi, I actually think she would make a pretty good mom. When I’ve seen her in interviews and stuff she comes across as very sweet and caring and on Cribs she treats her dogs like little babies so thats a start. I can’t see her getting married or settling down with anyone and I definately can’t see her being pregnant, so this is probably her most reasonable option to have children.

Comment by Stephi

^^^Agreed with all of the above. And damn, that is one low cut dress. I’m amazed there was no wardrobe malfunction.

Comment by Aysla

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