April 3, 2007, 3:13 am
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If this is what sobriety looks like, I don’t want another drink ever again!

Lindsay Lohan was up to no good again last night as she hit up DJ AM‘s 34th birthday (yes, he’s that old) a LAX, the club he co-owns.

Now that La Lohan has managed to hook herself up with a free condo in NYC, she must confront the arduous task of splitting her party time between both coasts.

Decisions, decisions….


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we all know you’re WASTED Lindsay. Has she stayed home ONE night since she got out of “rehab”?

Comment by parissucksliterally

maybe she counts the hours she’s flying between east and west coast her down time lol.
i never thought she was an alco- she was and is on some serious drugs! shes just sad (pathetic sad i mean)

Comment by SAS

Honestly you know that she’s got a problem if she’s been in rehab even before the legal drinking age!! Seriously!!

Comment by Stephi

Doesn’t EVERYONE already know that it’s vodka in those water bottles?

Comment by Matt

She may be a bigger attention whore than Britney. What a strange group of people in the two smaller pics. They all look crazy different and Lohan fits right in.

Comment by my2cents

how the hell is 34 old?

Comment by icequeen

I’m becoming convinced more and more each day that beneath every ugly fedora is one messed up celebrity.

Comment by Candy Blackmail

Yeah, sure, water, huh?????

Comment by sue


Comment by 4PetesSake

That’s VODKA in that water bottle!

Comment by Kelly-Ann

she’s on some serious drugs. she lives to party. i thought i partied hard in my early and mid twenties but this girl puts me to shame!

Comment by alice/malice

[…] Source […]

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“kate moss blows”. hehe

Comment by mylene

There’s probably some assistant who’s full-time job it is pouring vodka into water bottles.

Comment by Randi

Who needs to drink anything other than water when you have : cocaine, meth, ecstacy or prescription stuff like adderal! I mean, duh! All those drugs will keep you alert, get you high and you wont be puking or need to drink alcohol with it.

Sober, my ass! She may actually be drinking water, but she is only doing so coz she doesnt want to risk dehydration from the amphetamines or the coke!

Comment by Justin Credible

I love how everyone around here looks soooo disinterested, made me giggle.

Comment by Saby

Saby, I was thinking the same thing! Everyone around her isn’t even looking at her…she’s so desperate!

Comment by crumbly

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