April 3, 2007, 2:16 pm
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Dannielynn Smith‘s biological father will be revealed once and for all!

The results could be announced as soon as today after judges threw out Howard K. Stern‘s challenge on the paternity suit filed by photographer Larry Birkhead.

According to the three judges, Stern should have objected to the Supreme Court before it ordered the DNA testing.

It is a bad week for Stern. It has also been revealed that the lawyer was the owner of eight of the 11 drugs found in Anny’s body during her autopsy.

Anyway, stay tuned. Maybe this ridiculous, never-ending story will finally come to an end….though I highly doubt it.


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I am so happy this day has come.It isn’t right that “Howard the Jaw” can kill 2 people and have a 3rd in cue.

Could he be a serial killer ??

Comment by B :)

I had the unfortunate opportunity of seeing Hillary Duff on Leno last night (just flipping channels, I never watch Leno, he sucks ASS)…anyway, she lip-synched the WHOLE thing…and she even did THAT badly! She is such a useless, talentless, waste of human cells…she should donate ALL of her organs right now, there are useful human beings that need them.

Comment by starr

damnit…..wrong topic….I don’t like this new message thingy…it’s screwy

Comment by starr

the ONLY reason I care who this whore’s babydaddy is, is that the story will finally be OVER.

I still don’t understand why this has gotten so much attention. She was a drugged out golddigging whore of a model….certainly there are more important pople?

Comment by parissucksliterally

^psl…couldn’t have said it better. Let’s just get this over with & out of the way. It is sad that a wretched person like ANS gets this kind of attention.

Comment by spinner

It feels like this whole saga has been going on for years!!! At least the poor little baby will know who her daddy is. I’m pretty sure it is Larry and would be really surprised if it turned out to be Howard. There is something extremely suspicious about that guy.

Comment by Stephi

Howard wasn’t the “owner” of the drugs. It was disclosed by Dr. Perper at his press conference that all the drugs were INTENDED for Anna but were in other people’s names for her privacy.

She wasn’t killed, Daniel wasn’t killed. DanniLynn isn’t in danger. Everyone needs to calm down.

Comment by WTF

let’s hope for the sake of dannilynn’s face, she’s larry birkhead’s daughter and not hkstern’s

Comment by thighmegatampon

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