April 4, 2007, 3:11 pm
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Check out the new issue of Out magazine featuring their first Gay Power list.

Great news for those like Ellen and Rosie who are out, but maybe not so much for Anderson Cooper and Jodie Foster who are the mag’s cover girls.

“It’s a bit of chutzpah on our part,” acknowledges Out editor in chief Aaron Hicklin. But he says it wasn’t just an attempt to stir up controversy. “The A-list and even B-list gays are mostly in the closet still, and those are the kinds of people we need to have on our cover. This is a way of addressing that.”

Meh, I don’t like it one bit. What one chooses to do in their bedroom has nothing to do with one’s profession. Shame on you, Out magazine. You are reaching a new Perez Hiltonian low.

Anyway, to check out the full list, CLICK HERE.


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This is wrong. If people want to keep their sexuality to themselves they should have the right.

PS Arasto, see if you can do something about enlarging your font, its hard for an old man like me to read small things.

Comment by Barks

I am so SICK of people outing Jodie. Mind your own FUCKING BUSINESS.

Let her fucking live her life- she doesn’t ask for any attention, and for Chrissakes, someone tried to ASSASINATE Reagan “for” her- maybe THAT’S why she keeps her private life private!

and who CARES if she’s gay?

Comment by parissucksliterally

hahaha, I will try to find something. I know what you mean though — I thought the font on the previous template was tiny! LOL

ANyway, the new site is coming. Be patient. In the meantime, I will see what I can do!

Comment by fadedyouthblog

Arasto… if you need any help, just let me know.

Comment by Allie

I’m with you, Arasto. I don’t like this one bit. Sexual preference is nobody’s business & Perez has started this whole, sordid ball rolling. Pisses me off.

Comment by spinner

there’s no shame in being gay. by staying in the closet, these high profile people only confirm the idea that being gay is wrong. if black people had the option of staying in the closet or passing, there would be no civil rights movement!

Comment by mae

Does Perez Hilton own stock in that mag?! Why is it so important to disrespect people who make it apparent they aint trying to wear their private lives so publicly? If Jodie wanted to shout it from the rooftops I’M GAY!!!!!!, I am sure she would, but she don’t, so what gives this OUT mag the right to?

mae, don’t got there honey. Don’t dare put chattle slavery, Jim Crow, and all those who died and suffered beause of race EVEN on the same par as being gay. I will jump through this computer and kick your ass like you stole something from my mother and then bragged about it!

Comment by Trinidad

the only reason people didn’t die and suffer based on sexual orientation on the same scale as they did based on race is because you CAN hide your sexuality. mae is correct.

i see people’s points with the whole privacy issue, but at the same time it’s just really disappointing to see people like jodie and anderson wasting an amazing and unparalleled opportunity to mainstream alternate sexualities, especially since everybody already knows that they’re gay. by refusing to comment on it, even though everybody clearly knows, it makes it seem like something shameful you don’t want to admit. why not be out and proud and make all the desperately lonely closeted gay kids across middle america feel like maybe they’re okay, after all?

Comment by Grace

It’s NEVER cool to out anyone. That’s a personal decision.

Comment by Kelly-Ann

Grace, Mae AND you are not only incorrect, but disrespectful full of shit imbeciles. Find me a place in history where gay’s were sold on an auction block, prevented from excercising their rights as a human being, were men AND women were used as breeders for the purpose of MORE slaves to be traded and sold. Find me somewhere in time when fields were filled with nothing but gays doing backbreaking work from sun up to sun down. I’m so tired of assholes lumping sexual orientation into what women and race have had to deal with. Kiss my ass Grace.

Comment by Trinidad

Trinidad, i never said being gay was the same as being black or a woman.

Comment by mae

how is it disrespectful to say that someone is gay?

Comment by mae

the question is — if women and blacks could have made a choice about whether they presented themselves as such, where would we be today?

Comment by mae

Actually there were many mixed race black people who would “pass” for white because of what black people went through. And other mixed race black people were pissed at them for being ashamed of their race.

And although it has never been ‘legally’ acceptable to mistreat gay people. It happens and it happens badly. Scores of gay people have been abused and killed when people found out about their sexuality.

I am not saying it is the same as slave years or the years that followed. But the gay pride parade didn’t start for the sheer fact that people would yell slurs at you. Gay people have truly suffered also.

I say that for this: black people suffered horribly but they are not the only damn people who have suffered. During the Holocaust, Hitler had jews, blacks, homosexuals and midgets killed.

Comment by empress scorpio

uhhhh trinidad, that is exactly what i was saying. those things have not happened to gay people because they are able to hide their sexuality.

if black people had been able to hide their race, they wouldn’t have suffered the way they have, and if they hadn’t suffered, we wouldn’t have had the civil rights movement. mae is correct. i’m neither full of shit nor an imbecile. oh, and it’s “gays” not “gay’s.”

Comment by Grace

There are many individuals, celeb and not, that have come out and are ‘loud and proud’. But for people like Jodie Foster and Anderson Cooper… newsflash: their job is to entertain and keep you up-to-date with the news. They don’t owe any of us any more than what their job requires, and if they choose to keep their private life private it’s completely within their right (and understandably so).

Foster and Cooper have not explicitly denied that they’re gay either, they just choose not to address it. I don’t think that this automatically equates to them ‘being ashamed that they’re gay’, I think they see the issue for what it is… that it would just become a media circus that feeds into and pays the bills for the gossip mills.

People should not be defined by their sexuality but by their accomplishments and the qualities that make them who they are. Why should sexuality be an issue? Why do we have to *know* their sexuality? I respect people that choose to come out publicly like Ellen Degenerous, but I equally respect people like Jodie Foster who choose to keep that aspect of their lives private and not share it with the world. I’m sure Foster and Cooper are open with their family and friends, and that should be that.

Comment by Aysla

I hate that people even think they have the RIGHT to out other people. Would it be easier on young gays to have positive role models? Yes, of course. Would most of these high profile gays have had the same sucess if they had made their sex lives a focal point of their public image? No, probably not.

Trinidad, I totally agree with you. I know gays have also been through a lot, but for the simple fact that you can hide it makes comparisons between the two struggles pretty offensive. Blacks had to struggle in America for years before they could even be seen as actual human beings, let alone gay ones!

Maybe if people in school were taught about how gay people have been persecuted throughout human existence, people would not only realize how evil it is to treat them like that today. It would also show the young gays that there have ALWAYS been people just like them, and I’m sure that would help their self-esteem. Unfortunatly, I think it’ll be at least 100 years, (if ever), before that becomes standard education.

Comment by Truly

are you stupid? the fact that you can hide it was our point the entire time. god, you people need to learn how to read.

Comment by Grace

I agree that it is really noones business who is gay or not. These people are here to entertain us and so many times people forget that. As long as they are making good movies or good music, it really shouldn’t matter about their sexuality or about their personal lives. It’s so strange how celebrities private lives are just expected to be open to the public but people like doctors who do sooo much for other people are pretty much anonymous. But hey that’s how the world works!

Comment by Stephi

and arasto, while you’re making the font bigger, make the template show more posts per page. there are too few.

Comment by jupter

arasto i totally agree with your view in this post however you have, on occasion, written posts making references to peoples homosexuality when they have never come out as gay (last week there was a post on anderson cooper and johnathon rhys meyers) so yeah my point is, as its such a personal thing, i hope you continue to show the respect you have shown in this post for people’s sexuality.

Comment by SAS

Grace, Trinidad’s point was that it never should have been compared in the first place, and I agree with her.

Comment by Truly

that’s ridiculous. i NEVER said gay people were enslaved or mistreated like blacks. it’s completely valid to say that gay people are the targets of huge amount of hatred, and the only reason they didn’t suffer like black people is because sexuality isn’t visually apparent like race.

when we get so fucking PC that i can’t make an observation about history and anthropology because it involves mentioning another group in relation to the the suffering of black people, we’ve gone too far. you can both kiss my ass.

Comment by Grace

i barely recognise any of the names on that list

Comment by sigh

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