April 4, 2007, 3:28 pm
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Courtney Love is clearly not feeling shy about her new body as she casually poses poolside in a bikini fit for a girl half her age.

As the rockstress sat on the edge of the swimming pool, her skin collapsed in loose folds around her waist area. Not such a good look, but one many women can relate to.

Needless to say, she still looks fab.

Now about that face….

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yes, the Crack-ro-biotic diet does wonders.

try excercise Courtney.

Comment by parissucksliterally

her stomach area looks wierd….I am thinking she LIPO done there and it didnt turn out very well….looks like Tara Ried’s tummy after her lipo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by bluecow

She has messed with her face too much. It is totally busted. Looks like she’s had some bad lipo & I don’t think exercise will fix that.
Although a little exercise never hurt anyone.

Comment by spinner

Why does it look like her skin is falling off her bones?

Comment by my2cents

uh, did you say “she looks fab”?????…more like NASTY! THEE GROSSEST BODY…EVEN HER LEGS…SHE HAS KANKLES! and i love how she actually thinks she looks hot!…what a hotmess!

Comment by anon

unfortunately I don’t think that’s from bad lip cuz it’s just really loose skin folds. Did she have gastric done or something cuz it looks like she lost weight fast, too fast for her skin. so gross, she would’ve looked better in a one piece.

Comment by gblinda

she looks like shit – and to think, she actually seems to think she looks good – there are crackheads running around new york who look better than her – she FUCKED up the face with all that plastic surgery.

Comment by whatever

enough already!

Comment by crumbly

She should exercise to tighten all that… it’s not just about dieting, Court.

Unfortunately, I know many older women who lose quite a bit of weight and exercise that still have loose skin like that (especially if they’ve had kids). It’s very very hard to get rid of.

So there’s me giving her the benefit of the doubt, but I’m also leaning towards lipo with her history of plastic surgery…

Comment by Aysla

What an UGLY thin body. She looks like a man with boobs and bikini.

Comment by the devil

eeuuw. she MIGHT have looked better in a one piece but i really don’t think she looks ‘fab’ by any stretch of the imagination!

Comment by SAS

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