April 4, 2007, 1:16 pm
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Which two famous-for-going-to-parties Hollywood female best friends recently stayed in a hotel together? The maid had to call the manager to ask if she should wipe up the cocaine, or clean around it.


Which aging movie/TV actress has a son just released from the swanky Sierra Tucson rehab clinic where he was treated for depression?

Which bejeweled social climber will do anything to associate her name with A-list actresses, even create bogus, salacious gossip to promote her faux “friendships”?

[NY Post]


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“Wipe up the cocaine or wipe around it”…Nice…Very Nice

Comment by Lil Brownie

I don’t even know why NYDN even calls the first one a ‘blind item’.

Comment by yeahso?

So, did they wipe it up? lol

Aren’t they supposed to call the cops if they see that?

Comment by B :)

Unreal, but typical.

Comment by sue

#2 Farrah Fawcett? Isn’t that why Ryan and Griffin O’Neal were fighting over (when RO shot GO) getting Redmond son into treatment?

#3 J.Lo?

Comment by Barks

Is #3 Posh?

Comment by Teensy

wipe it up, around it….or can I take some?


Comment by parissucksliterally

Oh come on. The first one does NOT point to paris and nicole…there wouldn’t be any “remains,” since it would have been inhaled for breakfast.

Comment by Starshine

wow, big surprise… so basically, Paris uses coke, bulimia and pilates to stay fit and nicole uses coke, anorexia and working out with a personal trainer(and possibly adderall)… what a diet. its as if when they finally eat they wash it down with coke- like regular people might have a coffee after a big meal… hollywierd. god bless the cleaning lady- i take it that she has gotten in crap for vacuuming up someones blow in the past.

Comment by j

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