April 4, 2007, 4:17 pm
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Earlier this week, the UK’s News of the World reported that Angelina Jolie plans to adopt a one-year-old girl from Oure Cassoni in Chad. (“She is hoping to have her daughter home by the summer.”)

However, a rep for Chad’s Ministry of Family and Women, which processes adoptions, tells Us Weekly that Angie has not submitted an application.

Even if another adoption is not imminent Brangelina’s intent to expand their family in the near future is not in doubt according to sources close to the family.

“Brad has told people he and Angelina want to have two more kids in 2007,” says a source “Their plans include another biological child.”

Another source provides an estimate of the final size of the family saying, “They want seven or eight children.”

Angelina’s big brother, James Haven, however, feels the couple has not set a target. “There is no limit to the children she and Brad are adopting. It could be scores,” he says. “I’ve never heard an end number in their conversations.”

Cuckoo cuckoo.


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This is beginning to feel very sick. Looks like it has become an obsession. Something is not right here.

Comment by spinner

I compare their adopting methods to my ebay shopping…I just started with one thing then became enthralled with how fun and easy it is and can’t stop buying all kinds of things on ebay! Just like angie and brad can’t stop buying children! At least my addiction has a cheaper shipping and handling charge 😛

Comment by trafficgurl

what’s so coo-coo?

My mom grew up with 7 other siblings, and they are all so close and hearing stories of their childhood it seems like such a great experience.

If you can afford it, and provide the love, I see nothing wrong with it

Comment by distar

UsWeekly reporting? LOL!

News Of The World? LMAO!!

“according to sources close to the family.” (uh, ok, this must mean it’s true)

“says a source”

“Another source”

…Angelina’s big brother, James Haven, however, feels the couple has not set a target. “There is no limit to the children she and Brad are adopting. It could be scores,” he says. “I’ve never heard an end number in their conversations.”
(and this quote is from?)

Um, from what I read, cuckoo cuckoo shouldn’t be applied to anyone but those who wanna belive this caca. Yeah, that’s who’s cuckoo cuckoo for caca lol.

Comment by Trinidad

LOL Trafficgurl! Great analogy!!!

Comment by Maximum Big Surprise

Meh… I don’t care. I’m bored of this couple.

Comment by Aysla

I am just curious as to who will keep the 8 kids when they break up? I bet Brad would FIGHT for the biological ones.

Comment by my2cents

Comment by my2cents 04.04.07

The nannies will keep the kids & Angie will start again from scratch.

Comment by spinner

a dollar says that the one after this is gonna be a 2 year old from Iraq.

Comment by l

c’mon i can’t be the only one who recognises the sound of music reference!

look we have all heard many times that they BOTH want around 8 kids (and there is nothing ‘wrong’ about a big family) so i guess we should get used to it! i think they really seem to be going about it all in the right way and good luck to them i say.

Comment by SAS

Take in count that I am NOT a Brangelina fan, BUT

Ok, I am starting to fell I little uncomfortable with those comments about big families lately, and is not only in this site, but I am starting to think that society today actually thinks that big families are for crazy people or white trash.

My mom had twins in her first pregnancy by the age of 23 and by the time she was 31 she already had 5 kids. And no, she didn’t stop work, believe or not the universe doesn’t have to stop or parents should drop everything in their lives after they have kids. And no, we didn’t grow up without love or attention, in fact I grew up in a house full of noise, kids, siblings, laugh and happiness.
Yes, I didn’t have my mom 24/7 just to me, but I had tons of brothers and sisters, I had tons of friends, I learned to share my toys, my house, my parents. I am a very social person today because of such great environment.
Believe or not, a big family is a blessing by God, and if you actually gives kids without family a home you are even more blessed.

Comment by Selline

^^^i agree with poster above about sensing society being uncomfortable about huge families. personally, i wouldn’t want THAT many kids, but bless those who are up to it!

Comment by EAT IT

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