April 4, 2007, 9:44 pm
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No, you’re not looking at the latest exhibit at Madame Tussauds. That’s actually Daniel Smith‘s last taken photo. 

As for the subtle changes in his appearance, I need not remind of the fact that he was burried more than one month after his death.  Decomposition takes its toll.


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He was so handsome!

Comment by Bum

That is disgusting. The ultimate in distasteful.

Comment by my2cents

you shouldn’t have posted this.

Comment by godiva

No way! This looks more like Charles Barkley; I don’t think you change from Caucasian to African American waiting to be buried.

Comment by Maremba

you should at least put it behind a link so i don’t have to see it everytime i come here 😦
so sad, though. at least him and his mother can rest in peace together and away from the crazyness that was their life.

Comment by kali

poor kid never had a chance with HK$ around and Anna as a mom

poor guy!

Comment by omg

BOO!!! You should have not posted this. Very disrespectful and should be removed immediately. Have some respect. This is just taking it WAY too far. Unbelievable!

Comment by mama

Got any ‘below the belt’ shots? Give us a nice picture of Danny’s manhood!

Comment by Tammy Kastronis

Honestly I think this should be taken down, just as I thought with the Anna nicole pictures that were posted. It’s only encouraging these animals to take more photos like this. People putting these photos on their websites and publishing them in magazines is only making these sickos richer. I agree with my2cents…the ultimate in distaste!

Comment by Stephi

yuck! that is so wrong. there is absolutely NO reason to post this photo! He died months ago for gods sake there is no gossip in this. fucking disgusting.

Comment by SAS

Way over the top – you should at least just post a link so people aren’t taken aback by this morbid shit. But, better yet, you just shouldn’t have posted it. There’s no purpose for it whatsoever.

Comment by whatever

for the sick and twisted? why post it then?

Comment by candy

His lips look awful pink and his skin healthy. If this was someone who was dead for a month then their skin would be sagging and pasty. Not tan and elastic.

Comment by Spider

that bothered me
take it down

Comment by krissa

I guess you’ll post anything to get the volume of comments the other blogs get

and p.s what is burried?

Comment by boo!!!!

this picture is not Daniel. It is from a documentary about a meth addicts slow and untimely death at the age of 35. His family filmed his last days to show the effects of a drug addict.

Comment by shaun

1) That doesn’t look like Daniel AT ALL.
2) Arasto, that’s so fucking twisted.

Comment by Agustina

No it doesn’t look like Daniel but what is so sick and twisted about it? He was a public figure, albeit not by his own will, but nonetheless he was photographed in life for the world to see. To me there is nothing disrespectful about a dead body. People really need to get over it. Death is a part of life and a body is nothing more than a temporary vessel. I don’t know, I just don’t think it’s as big a deal as it’s being made.

Comment by LuLu

ok, it’s official…you actually just made me miss perez’ site. you suck…trying too hard to get a rise out of people how desperate. anyone who’s interesed in seeing PICS of celebrities without having to see shit like this and the sites stupid comments i strongly advise TEDDYANDMOO.COM/BLOG you won’t find this distasteful crap there!

Comment by anon

Daniel had BLOND hair… not dark brown/black hair and would not have had black facial hair unless he dyed it.

Comment by RomeoX

Holy fuck, a little discretion warning please!! I did not need to see that… but thanks to you I’ll be seeing that picture in my nightmares tonight.

Comment by Johnny

I come to this site everyday to check the blogs and whatnot, but I am totally willing to boycott this site if that picture is taken down. It is tacky and shouldn’t be out for the public to see. Attack a link to it or something. Figured you would have better taste than that, seems like something Perez would do… not you, but maybe you and him are more alike then you both would like to lead on to…

Comment by Shani

*if the picture ISN’T taken down* I was so shocked it was up, it’s fucked up my typing! ^ ^ ^

Comment by Shani

What the hell is happening to this site? It’s frickin shitty now, with all the pissed of bloggers and Perez-type comments and stories. Arasto…please go back to the way things used to be!

Comment by Liv

Please don’t drop to the pits. That picture was not necessary.

Comment by sue

yikes! dont post these photos. its like a bad episode from dirrt with c.cox. leave it to them. yikes, man!!!

Comment by hotfuzz

i don’t think it’s sick and distasteful. that’s real, everyone thinks death, sex and nudity are all soooooo offensive. open your eyes, all of it is natural and a part of life. you come to this site to invade real people’s lives and now suddenly everyone has morals?

ps~i don’t think daniel was a black dude. so not him.

Comment by shell

Not cool.

Comment by she

Unless Daniel took drugs to make him a black man before his death, I can’t imagine that this is him.

Comment by goldnyl

This is wrong on so many levels, how would you like it if your child was dead and someone posted his/her photo ( Dead ) on a web page. Your sick and truly twisted. I’m going to report this now so you better remove this at once.

Comment by Brendan

And please don’t think i’m kidding , I WILL NOW REPORT THIS!

Comment by Brendan

Sick and wrong. C’mon Arasto, you’re above this. Take it down already

So, so disrespectful

Comment by annoyed

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