April 4, 2007, 1:43 pm
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Paris Hilton is threatening to sue MTV unless they pull a sketch where she parodies her drunk-driving incident. The hotel heirhead filmed the skit for the debut episode of ‘ShortCircuitz’ in January, but she is now seemingly failing to see the funny side.

The sketch – due to air tomorrow – features Paris promoting her ‘What Would Paris Do’ bracelets in a fake infomercial.

In one clip, a blonde is pulled over by a police officer for drunk-driving and, after consulting her bracelet, starts grinding against the cop.

The embarrassed officer says: “I can’t arrest you, you’re too fabulous.”

Paris shot the sketch before she was arrested for driving with a suspended licence on February 27. The arrest violated the 36-month probation order she received after pleading no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving in January.

Last week, Paris’ lawyers demanded MTV delete the sketch from the comedy show or face legal action.

The sketch has now been cut, proving that Paris takes her ridiculous drunken ass way too seriously.


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#1–She looks like straight up hell in this pic and #2–I can’t believe that MTV agreed to pull the sketch. that’s okay-it WILL be on youtube.

Comment by yeahso?

WOW!! Look at her wonky eye. It looks like she’s had a stroke. I am thrilled to be seeing less & less of her.

Comment by spinner

it better be on! it’s about time karma caught up with her!!

Comment by dottcomm1

She looks totally baked in this picture.

Comment by audrey

she needs to get over herself…everyone else is over her and her bullshit.

nice eye.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Wow, someone needs a burger! Look at those legs.

Comment by my2cents

She looks like a used crackwhore in this photo but THOSE SHOES ARE FIERCE! Bitch ain’t worthy to wear them.

Comment by whatever

She has the ugliest, largest feet I’ve ever seen on a woman. she is just an ugly ass person.

Comment by LuLu

I agree about the shoes, I want a pair!!

And countdown until it reaches youtubes?… 10…9…

Comment by Aysla

Excellent WONK shot….WONK WONK!

Comment by starr

It’s funny how people feel the need to comment on her eye or her feet in every single post. We all know she has a lazy eye and big feet and I’m sure she gets it as well. Insecure much?

Comment by Stephi

The WONK is back in full force!

Comment by rags

Wow, the eye and when did she get so thin? I mean, I think Nicole weighs more at this point!

Comment by Melanie

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