April 4, 2007, 4:39 pm
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Looking more gorgeous than ever, Gwen Stefani graces the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar in an exclusive three cover special featuring the gorgeous blonde icon.

Gwen + Dior = Fashion bliss


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i m not a fan of gwen or gwen’s style BUT she looks AMAZING HERE!!!

if she just let herself show more than the wacky personas she has to mediate in her shows.. i would love her!!

Comment by Me!!!!

Wow…She looks incredible…and I agree ‘ME!!!’, I wish she would ‘class it up’ a little more, and stop with the quirky cartoony look…I guess she isn’t cartoony all the time though, just when she performs, she seems rather laid-back with her family. She’s gorgeous. I’d love to see her in another hair color…red maybe…

Comment by starr

Very nice!!! She looks very natural (makeup wise) in the first picture, but the pose is not the best. I love the blue/green dress. Love Gwen!

Comment by Maximum Big Surprise

Yeah, the blue/green dress is amazing! Wow…I wanna be Gwen for a day!

Comment by starr

I love the second pic, almost alice in wonderland-esq

Comment by Me

These pictures are amazing. The last one is very old hollywood. This is how I like her; with toned down makeup and a reasonable shade of lipstick.

Comment by Aysla

That second blue-green dress is absolutely gorgeous! Don’t love the shoes though, too clunky. She looks so much prettier in those paler shades of make-up and softer hair.

Comment by lynnzie-gee

I LOVE the last pic.

Comment by parissucksliterally

i’m sick of her look. i used to like looking at her but she won’t change. I’m getting bored of the platnuim hair, she’s older now. Grow up!

Comment by Miss

always love Bazaar’s covers, one of the last interesting layout designs in the mag biz.

Comment by candy

she looks so much better without the red lipstick and these pics prove it! why doesn’t she see this?

Comment by bluebird

I love these photos of her and I particularly like the last one!! She looks sooo much better when her makeup is a little more natural. While I think her whole red lipstick/crazy hair look is cool and even cooler than a mom can pull it off, I think she needs to look like this a bit more often. Instead of cool she looks HOT!

Comment by Stephi


Comment by Ella

all three pics are absolutely gorgeous! while the second pic is really amazing i just love the simple, almost old-hollywood feel of the last one. underneath all her glam make up i forget that she really is a natural beauty.

Comment by SAS

these are some of the best photos she’s ever taken. i love them all. she looks best in the old hollywood look without bright red lipstick. but i guess that’s what they wore back then.

Comment by EAT IT

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