April 4, 2007, 1:27 pm
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It was a tear-filled event yesterday as Halle Berry received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in an emotional ceremony attended by her nearest and dearest. By the Oscar-winner’s side to witness the proud moment were her mom Judith Ann Hawkins and boyfriend Canadian Versace model Gabriel Aubry.

Proudly watching her daughter pose in the time-honoured manner on Hollywood Boulevard was enough to set off Halle’s mother.

And the mood was certainly contagious. After wiping away her mother’s tears, the $14-million-per-movie actress found herself applying a hanky to her own eyes. Also cheering Halle on during the photocall was her pal Samuel L Jackson, who co-starred with her in ‘Jungle Fever’, the film that placed the screen beauty on Tinseltown’s radar.


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Most overrated actress at the moment. A star? Give me a break. Her movies all suck.

Comment by my2cents

She IS a terrible and extremely overated actress, but there’s no denying that she deserves that star. Not only does she have an Oscar, she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world. If Marilyn Monroe has a star, then so should Halle.

Not ALL of her movies suck. Actresses of color had a really hard time getting decent film roles not long ago- the parts just didn’t exist the way they do now. Angela Basset is a brilliant actress, but she lacked the opportunities to really show her talent. Halle’s not much younger than her and had the same problem.

Thandie Newton’s the only actress of color that comes to mind as having lots of decent film roles.

Comment by Truly

Very overated, very underserved, and she’s way too happy, always crying. I’m so over her, it’s not even funny! Yea, she looks good for her age, but as an African American, I have tons of relatives over 70 that have’nt even begun to wrinkle Remember, “Black don’t Crack” Well, It’s so true.

Comment by mmyers

Could she possibly be any prettier?

Comment by Miss

she’s amazing!

Comment by lala

isn’t that charlize’s mom?

Comment by thighmegatampon

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