April 4, 2007, 5:28 pm
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Looking stunning in her latest photo-shoot for James White, singer/actress/designer/mogul Jennifer Lopez discusses her friendship with the Beckhams.

The Latina songstress spent a portion of the interview gushing about BFF Victoria and her sense of style “She’s such a sweetie” Jennifer said, “Her clothes are just amazing. She’s so stylish.”

And the love fest didn’t stop there, with Jennifer raving about how funny Victoria was too: “the best thing about Victoria is that she’s got this really funny British sense of humour.”

Victoria wasn’t the only Beckham to get props, with JLo also referring to David as “so sweet”, adding: “I’m very glad they’ve moved to LA. She’s a great girl.”

Looks like there’ll be some double dating occurring when they make the move to LA.


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Now that she is everywhere gushing about her marriage how long until it fails? Cute article but a size 10?? I think not. She is about a 4/6.

Comment by my2cents

She makes you beleive she is beauitful because you know she thinks she is, she takes your breath away. So stunning, and such a diva.

Comment by Miss

I don’t know… I don’t find Jen beautiful. And every time I look at a face shot of her like on the cover, I always seem to focus on her nose… it has the appearance of perpetually flaring nostrils, even when she’s not doing that lol. Weird.

Comment by Aysla

I like Jennifer Lopez because she looks ethnic, I mean she hasnt changed her facial features to suite someone elses standards she’s an ethnic woman, with ethnic features…its refreshing. I mean, I focus on her nose, like Aysla, when I see Jennifer. But its because I think ah a beautiful ethnic woman who hasnt been diluted 🙂

Comment by Cree

Jennifer Lopez is so so so ….. i have no words to describe her. My dream is to meet her so i can tell her myself how gorgeous she is.

Comment by Kimberly Dunnington

Jennifer Lopez is elegant. I really like the way she dress up and she just looks great in any angle. I just hope there will be an upcoming concert and lots of music videos

Comment by Man Hollingworth

Jennifer Lopez is not only a very gifted singer but also a great mother. She always hates to leave her twins when she goes to work.

Comment by Coleman Accetta

Brad Pitt has arrived in Hungary with his twins to join Angelina. What a mansion that she rented for them. Its good they are happy together as family. I love Brad, I am jealous

Comment by Olevia Berkhimer

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