April 4, 2007, 4:06 pm
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Much like a summer rash crawling up my leg, I have to admit that John Mayer and Jessica Simpson are growing on. They looked simply adorable yesterday at Australia’s Byron Beach.

A few more shots like these and I’ll almost consider them a legitimate couple!

Not bad. Not bad at all.


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No, they’re not.


Comment by parissucksliterally

*I* think they are cute together, and for however long it lasts, I hope they’re having a great time. Why people gotta be so D! nasty about somebody trying to find some happiness I will never EVER know.

Comment by Trinidad

Oh yeah, forgot to say that she and John look a lot more interesting, and a truckload more happier than Nick and the drinker from ET.

Comment by Trinidad

He still looks embarassed to me.

Comment by spinner

my problem with her is she wears high heels at really inappropriate times and with inappropriate outfits and it’s just tacky. i know you’re short, but just embrace it. cute flip flops would have looked 100% better.

Comment by Grace

Fake Fake Fake relationship.

Photog was called to take pic’s of them frolicking.

I agree w/you Spinner he looks very embarassed.

What did he sell out for is the question?

Comment by B :)

^ Hi B…I think Jess has been contracted as John’s Beard. Rumors were flying that he is Gay & he is hoping this sham of a relationship with Jess will protect his image & fan base.

Comment by spinner

I’ve always thought there was something off with this relationship… I still feel that way. I think it’s a PR stunt like psl said, and I honestly can’t picture the two having conversations where John Mayer wouldn’t be banging his head against the wall in despair/exasperation.

Comment by Aysla

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She’s the ultimate WT girl. changing her hair color is not going to change that.

Comment by Miss

Grace: your SO right. She always has to wear super high heels, it’s because she’s only 5’2. But once in a while wear lower heels, be down to earth. Eve L. is also 5’2 and Scarlett is short and i see them being confident with thenselves and wearing flats from time to time.

Comment by Grace

they make such an odd looking couple!

Comment by bluebird

It’s actually Byron Bay not Byron Beach. John is there for the Blues and Roots Fest along with Ben Harper, xavier Rudd etc…should be an awesome festival, a lot of my Aussie friends are heading down there for the Easter Weekend. The dress she is wearing is Alice McCall, looks very cute on her!

Comment by Stephi

I think John looks better when he’s wet & soggy.

Comment by spinner

hmm as good as it looks i really can’t get used seeing her with the brown hair. i don’t know…

i’m working at blues n roots and its going to be AMAZING. some truly great acts and byron is gorgeous! it’s always great to get down there for a weekend. and for the first time in years it doesn’t look like rain! yay i’m so excited!

Comment by SAS

Stephi-get a life. the fact that you know that shows you don’t have one.

Comment by Lisa

Ha Ha Ha Lisa, she just has A LOT more info than we bargained for, but we have ended personal attacks in here! I agree arasto I am starting to embrace it sadly. I am a commercial sucker. Tell me something long enough and I’ll start to believe it’s true. So sad. And I always though John had a sloppy ass body but obviously Jessica is the one with weight issues in that relationship. Take a chill pill and wear something more relaxy, you’re at the beach for crying out loud!

Comment by BeJeeBus

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