April 4, 2007, 7:23 pm
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Before Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen undergo twin nose jobs, the pint-sized mogulettes captured their fashionably flawed schnozes in one last pre-op photo-shoot late Monday afternoon in a New York City studio.

[image] [image] [image] [image]

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i thought the nose jobs thing was just a rumor… gosh these 2 seem sooo vain!!!

Comment by meee!!!

I used to really like these girls when they were little and during their teens. I admired them for being great businesswomen and really down to earth girls who went to college and lived relatively normal lives. Well hasn’t that changed!! They seem to take themselves wayyyy to seriously and I guess that’s what you get for growing up so quickly. By the time they were 9 they were pretty much in their 20s so now that they are in their 20s they are really in their 40s. They need to lighten up a bit!

Comment by Stephi

this is like what their secound nose job ..blah! they are so vain.

Comment by lala

Who cares… they are so short, it’s as if they don’t exist.

Comment by Miss

WTF? I thought they already had nose jobs. And btw, love them. they are a lot of fun. they wear underwear, don’t sleep around, and don’t drink too much. Their biggest crime is being short and being fashionistas.

Comment by SpamEatingTrailerTrash

I agree. I thought they had nose jobs when they were teens. If you go back and look at pictures from when they had that show… was it called It Takes Two? I don’t know, they had some show. ANYWAY, their noses look a lot bigger then.

Comment by Erica

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