April 4, 2007, 10:23 pm
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Ever since his big Oscar win in February, Forest Whitaker has been parasitically best-friended by none other than John Travolta in a sad and desperate attempt to squeeze his nelly butt in the spotnight.

Last night was no different. With their wives Kelly and Keisha in tow, the casually dressed foursome stepped out for a ritzy dinner in New York City. The appetizer? A few photo-ops for the press.

Say, “Publicityyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”


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Awwww, I liked when he won the golden globe. He was crying and seemed to shocked and sweet.

Comment by my2cents

I really don’t think a great actor like him would need publicity like this. Maybe he is good friends with them and are just having dinner, but then in hollyweird, who knows!

Comment by Me

They have all been friends for a long time. Keisha and Kelly have been best friends for years (It has been expressed in numerous interviews by Travolta and Whitaker). So this would not be a publicity stunt. You should actually research your info before you jump the gun.

Comment by Mama

I was just about to say exactly that mama. They have been friends for a long time. I hate it out celebrities can’t even be friends anymore without people thinking they have ulterior motives for their friendship. God there are much better ways to get publicity than through connections. Just don’t wear panties or pretend your “sober”.

Comment by Stephi

Fuck you. Forrest Whitaker has been around working in Hollywood almost as long as John Travolta – he has major contacts and friends in the business and NO he doesn’t need Travolta’s fat gay ass for publicity you jerk. Not only that – I worked with the man and both Forrest and his wife are straight up the sweetest most down to earth people in the biz.

Comment by whatever

^^^I think the post was bashing Travolta (hence referring to him as a ‘parasite’). Just saying.

Comment by Aysla

Theyw ere in Phenomena together

Comment by Claire

Whenever you hang out with a Scientologist…Scientology has to be involved. Forest & his wife are either being recruited or have been recruited.

Comment by spinner

yikes. I’ve never seen Travolta looking so fat…or so GAY!

Comment by me

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