April 5, 2007, 8:09 pm
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Self-admitted college dropout Ryan Reynolds has been making up for lost classroom time in his latest flick.

Filming at Austin University in Texas, the Canuck hunk plays a professor’s son in the family tragedy ‘Fireflies In The Garden.’ Ryan joins an impressive ensemble cast, including William Dafoe, ‘Matrix’ babe Carrie-Anne Moss and Oscar-winner Julia Roberts.

But don’t for one second think that Ryan’s workaholic nature is keeping him away from enjoying life away from the film set. Amid rumours of a blossoming romance, Ryan has been spending time with his equally buff ‘Blade: Trinity’ co-star Jessica Biel, dining with the glamorous actress on many occasions.


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You sure that’s not Julia Roberts’ husband? Just kidding, but he does look like him with that facial hair. Or am I thinking of Tori Spelling’s husband? It’s one of those scum buckets who left their wives for their Hollywood whore.

Comment by LuLu

Don’t you mean The University of Texas in Austin?

Comment by texan

Haha Thanks texan, i was just about to say that.

Comment by Texan Number @

Maybe its Austin College? My niece is at UT and she hasn’t heard a thing.

Hopefully the University is getting big bucks for this (right in the middle of finals too). Maybe it’ll keep them from deregulating the tuition this year!

Comment by Barks

Now this is a guy who is undeniable gorgeous.

Comment by Randi

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