April 5, 2007, 1:49 pm
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Rumour has it that Britney Spears has found love with musician Howie Day, who she met at Promises. And if you believe this crap, then you know that she is expected to go public with the relationship once he leaves rehab later this month.

So, what has Britney been doing to keep the love alive while she’s on the other side? Texting him cute little love messages.

A source tells Life&Style: “Britney has fallen hard for him. Britney just lights up and seems back to her old self when she talks to Howie or tells people about him. She thinks he’s very talented – and says he’s the best kisser ever!”

The rehabilitated songstress is so smitten she is planning to take Howie to her cousin Erin’s wedding in June.

However, Britney’s mother Lynne is less than pleased with her daughter’s new love and thinks he will be a bad influence.

The source added: “Lynne wants Britney to be with someone outside the music industry. Howie is always on the road and exposed to influences that are discouraged in rehab.”

So, just how did Howie end up in rehab anyway? He was arrested in Boston in December 2005 for verbally abusing the flight crew while under the influence of alcohol and sleeping pills. He was sentenced to one year’s probation.

Way to pick ’em, Britney!


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why is she always after men? can’t she stay solo for a while??? to think about HER life? SHE doesn’t know how to live on her own. This woman needs a man to exist!

Comment by carlett

What happened to that other guy in rehab that she was supposedly head over heels in love with?? WTF!

Comment by Maximum Big Surprise

If this is just another tabloid rumor…how freaking sad is it that here we are in 2007 and the media is still perpetuating that you ain’t a real woman til you have a man in your life crap that girls buy into.

Comment by audrey

i thought she was in love with someone else in rehab? she’s bat-shit crazy!

Comment by dottcomm1

Howie Day is not attractive & yes, he would be a horrible influence. Brit will never be clean & sober. Ever.

Comment by spinner

I love Howie Day’s music! Britney better not touch him.

Comment by cordata

I’m pretty sure that this is a rumor. Now that Britney is out of rehab and behaving herself the tabloids are running out of scandalous stories about her so they have to make them up. I doubt anything with come of this, all they probably did was talk once in rehab to start this all off.

Comment by Stephi

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