April 5, 2007, 12:53 am
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Looking ravishing in a scarlet sari, Bollywood goddess Aishwarya Rai gracefully posed on the red carpet in London on Tuesday as they promoted their powerful new movie ‘Provoked.’

The former Miss World portrays Kiranjit Ahluwalia, the British Punjabi who killed her husband after suffering a decade of abuse, and was subsequently released from jail following a high-profile campaign.

Despite her upcoming wedding, reported to be taking place on April 20, Aishwarya is maintaining a busy schedule. She’s set to tie the knot with her actor fiancé Abhishek Bachchan at his family’s Mumbai residence but, unlike Elizabeth Hurley‘s over-the-top Indian nuptials, the pair have decided to keep theirs low-key. Just 15 guests, including family and close friends, will apparently witness the ceremony for two of India’s answer to Brangelina.


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Okay, THIS is who I think is right up there along with Monica Belucci regarding most beautiful women in the world. She’s so pretty…

Comment by Aysla

My god–what a stunningly beautiful woman!

Comment by just askin'

beauty and class!

Comment by dottcomm1

LOVE HER!!!! she’s graceful and VERY humble and also funny! Love her!

Comment by MeSoup

I agree: beauty and class. And she’s not rail thin – she’s NORMAL. Ash is beautiful.

Comment by Dee Bee


Comment by parissucksliterally

She is so freakin’ gorgeous! I feel sorry for the chick standing next to her in the bottom pic.

Comment by Missu

She is absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous eyes

Comment by Meg

Yes, she’s right up there with Monica B. They always have such perfect, natural makeup!

Comment by Princess of Darkness

Just wonderful. She and Monica Bellucci are the two most beautiful women on Earth.

Comment by Agustina

Uh, did someone say natural makeup? The first thing I thought when I saw these pics is “she’s pretty, shame about the unfortunate pancake makeup”. Yikes.

Comment by louise

Naturally tan skin, beautiful eyes, and utter class. This woman is in a league of her own. Breath taking… love the natural makeup… gorgeous.

Comment by j

she’s very pretty. but why does she wear so much makeup? if it wasn’t for the big picture, i would’ve thought it was natural.

Comment by EAT IT

She is STUNNING. But Most Beautiful in the World? Have you seen all 6+Billion people on planet Earth? I dont think so. I dont believe in the notion of TOP Beauty because beauty is SO SUBJECTIVE!!! It’s all in the EYE of the BEHOLDER!!! That’s All 🙂

Comment by CREE

WOW, she takes my breath away. i don’t know what else to say.

Comment by Miss

CREE- I agree completely! =) I never mean that phrase literally, but just as a figure of speech (to emphasize *how* pretty I think she is) ;).

Comment by Aysla

Uh, did someone say natural makeup? The first thing I thought when I saw these pics is “she’s pretty, shame about the unfortunate pancake makeup”. Yikes.

Comment by louise 04.05.07 @ 3:45 am

I DID! atrocity.
She is still Beautiful though.

Comment by carlett

…this is truely a beautiful woman…KEEP HER AWAY FROM HOLLYWOOD……GO BACK TO BOLLYWOOD….they’re too fucked in Hollywood…they will starve you and shoot you full of horse drugs and tell you you are fashionable….when you are sicker then a dog….STAY BEAUTIFUL…GO BACK HOME….or Tom Cruise will have tentacles implanted on your beautiful face…hey….Katie Holmes….after she goes home she has to take off her face and expose her newly implanted Xenu tentacles…and assless chaps…..GO BACK!!!!! BE WARNED!!!!

Comment by Toonkinstein

India’s answer to Angelina? Um, yuk. This woman is so far beyond the headcase that Angelina is. She is beautiful, smart, grounded–and she doesn’t have to steal someone’s husband to find a mate. Aishwarya is so stunningly beautiful. If you’ve ever seen her without makeup, she still takes my breath away.
She & Monica Belluci are the most beautiful women in the world! (and look, neither is a size 2!).

Comment by Lola Lola

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