April 5, 2007, 5:59 pm
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George Clooney proves he is still a hit with the ladies as an excited fan gets her photo taken next to the film star on the set of his new film ‘Leatherheads.’


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OMG, he looks emaciated!! Still hot though… 🙂

Comment by Sybill

yeah… he lost too much weight. EWW

Comment by godiva

He filmed part of this movie in my city, Chattanooga, TN, but they snuck in and out of the city so quickly that no one even knew they were here. 😦

Comment by Erica

Rexi Alert!!!

Comment by BeJeeBus

Is it just me, or does that pic simply scream
“aging gay man”? I’m not one to blindly believe all the “so-and-so is gay” rumors, but I don’t know what to think about ol’ George anymore…

Comment by just askin'

He is so sexy! Why did he go and get that thin?

Comment by my2cents

Aw man, that boy needs some home cooking. I’ll volunteer to cook for him.

Comment by me

OMG!! Not only is he painfully thin…he looks very ill & aged. What happened to him?

Comment by spinner

Yeah, he looks like Rock Hudson toward the end of his life. What a shocker.

Comment by HgNi

i didnt notice how old he looked, i was too busy being embarrased for him having to deal with that girl, poor guy. do people over 13 really act like that around celebs? it is so easy to just smile and give a handshake “hey nice to meet you, i’m a big fan of yours”.

maybe he’s meant to look old for the role. we all know how well he scrubs up!

Comment by SAS

I love George Clooney…..sigh.

Comment by parissucksliterally

I thought the same thing, HgNi — Rock Hudson! Why does he look so horrible?

Comment by 4PetesSake

Maybe its for the role he’s playing?

Comment by Barks

^I was thinking that too.

George is too thin, but I also think it’s the camera angle that’s making him look a bit odd as well (so it could be why your ‘gaydar’ went off, just askin? lol). Ah well, I’m forever a fan.

Comment by Aysla

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