April 5, 2007, 6:14 pm
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It was business as usual last night for tabloid princess Lindsay Lohan.

The freckled flashers was evidently too inebriated to realize her blouse was half open, revealing more than just a peek at her ample boobage, as she stumbled out of Katsuya Japanese restaurant in the uber rich Cali neighbourhood of Brentwood.

It’s La Lohan’s evident grace and dignity that has the 20-year-old actress eyeing the role of Princess Diana in an upcoming bioepic.

Lindsay tells In Touch Weekly: “It would be fantastic to play her. She gave back a lot and was such an amazing woman.”

The recent rehab grad is also planning to follow in the princess’ footsteps by doing charity work.

She says: “I’m going to Japan soon with my friend Charlotte Ronson, who’s a designer, and I’m researching some charity work that I can do and visit some orphanages.”

For the sake of humanity, Lindsay, please do not adopt under any circumstance!


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stupid whore.

Comment by dude-with-diablo

Nope, def. not an accident. But I would feel so awkward walking around with my boobs out basically.. But she is a professional flasher so I guess this is quite subtle.!

Comment by BeJeeBus


Comment by Wacka Wacka

This girl is just tooooo obnoxious!

Comment by the devil

Lindsey Lohan as Princess Diana? Yeah, that makes complete sense.

Comment by mel

I would be slightly self conscious with my tits hanging out just because I want them to. She is an idiot if she thinks people would actually give her that role. Someone is taking themself a little too serisouly. Sorry honey you are no legend of an actress.

Comment by my2cents

No way could she ever play Princess Diana. I would refuse to see the movie if she was cast. I cannot stand this girl & her over-inflated ego. BLECH!!

Comment by spinner

why don’t YOU “give back” Lindsay, by STAYING HOME!

where are your PUPPIES that were supposed to give you some responsibilty? They probably died from drinking her “water” already.

she is SUCH an attention whore…..sorry BJB, but Come ON! I know you’ll defend her-lol….HOW?

Comment by parissucksliterally

Producers would be absolutely mad to cast her as Princess Diana. The public backlash would be unbeleivable and I’m pretty sure it would be the end of her career whether her performance was good or not. Princess Diana would seriously be rolling in her grave if trashy, selfish little Lindsay played her. Diana was everything that Lindsay is not. And the bra thing an accident? I think not. She’s seriously a bigger media whore than Paris now.

Comment by Stephi

If she is ever hired to play Princess Diana I will set my TV on fire, that has to be a JOKE!

Comment by Barks

It looks like she is trying to morph herself into Scarlett Johannson…but it isn’t working.

Comment by T

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