April 5, 2007, 7:04 pm
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Goldie Hawn let it all hang loose yesterday as the 61-year-old actress appeared to go braless leaving a tanning salon in Brentwood, CA. 

They say UV rays are bad for your skin, but who knew they took such a toll on your boobs?


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This woman needs to get her ass out of the son. My Grandma is 74 and her skin does not look that bad. I saw a close up pic of her face about a week ago and she is not attractive at all anymore.

Comment by my2cents

^Haha, I was talking to my little boy while writing that. Obviously sun, not son.

Comment by my2cents

She looks great – I see many people younger than her looking a lot worse. Her tits look fine. Why should she have to strap them away? Are people really offended by nipples? Most of us fed from them at the beginning of our lives … so easy to forget that they don’t exist just to sell magazines.

Comment by Pin

Goldie is over 60 years old & she looks just fine. I have always loved her.

Comment by spinner

the only thing that looks bad is the SHE SHOULD BE WEARING A FUCKING BRA.

Her boobs are NOT as small as Kate’s anymore. Wake up Goldie. It looks gross.

Comment by parissucksliterally

I hope my tits look that good at her age. and they look natural

Comment by Me

She looks good for her age. Could do with a little less sun I guess, but she looks more natural than a lot of 60 year olds in Hollywood.

Comment by Randi

She does look good for her age…but her skin doesn’t. I spend a lot of time sunbaking and I really hope I don’t end up looking like a louis vuitton when I’m older!! I’ve always loved Goldie though, I think she’s adorable!! Housesitter and Overboard are two of my faves!!

Comment by Stephi

^I agree Stephi with those two as well as Private Benjamin.^ Goldie is a VERY intelligent person, she’s made more finding and producing her own projects than she has anything else.

You hear stories about Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson playing the dumb blond but really being smart? I think that’s b.s. Goldie is the one who perfected it all the way to the bank!

Comment by Barks

Seriously, her boobs aren’t all that bad for a 61 year old who’s had kids! I sure hope the tan is fake. Somehow, I have a feeling it’s not.

Comment by 4PetesSake

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