April 5, 2007, 3:32 pm
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More accustomed to rocking the house, Jon Bon Jovi showed up at a New York construction site yesterday to help build one. The rocker was in the Big Apple to lend a hand to Habitat For Humanity, which aims to provide affordable housing to impoverished areas.

Jon, who co-owns the Philadelphia Soul football team, brought along some of his players to help build the low-cost homes.

Along with his bandmates, Jon also donated $1 million to build 29 homes in Louisana in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Reason #235 to love Jon Bon Jovi.


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Reason #236: Married to the same woman for over 15 yrs. (ahem Robert Rodriguez)
Reason #237: Foster/Adoptive parent to children from NJ, yet does not publize it (ahem Branjalina)

Comment by StPat Jack

What a guy!!!

Comment by spinner

Love him. . .

Comment by Virenda

Love him so much! So hot, and kind…

Comment by Agustina

I had the pleasure of meeting him backstage when he toured Australia a while back and he was just the nicest guy and even better looking in person! He does soo much for charity and it hardly ever gets recognised, so its great to see this post!!

Comment by Stephi

I’ve always been a fan of Bon Jovi, but I’m in the group that thinks Richie Sambora is overshadowed by John’s teeth & hair.

Anyway he broke the mold when he cut his hair in the 80s, the first of the “hair band” idols to do so. He needs to do it again, his shaggy haircut is just not working it. He’s got to be almost 50 at least, try to loook like it!

Comment by Barks

hey did he wear those jeans in his “livin on a prayer” video?

(and just because he married his high school sweetie doesn’t mean he hasn’t screwed 10 busloads of groupies over the years.)

Comment by fume

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