April 5, 2007, 3:49 pm
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She may no longer be the face of Spanish high street fashion label Mango — that job went to Penelope Cruz and her younger sister Monica — but Russian beauty Milla Jovovich proves that she can still strike a fierce pose in the April issue of French GQ.


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I have never understood this annoying bitch’s appeal.

Comment by parissucksliterally

that’s italian. not french.

Comment by punkrockbeth

that’s italian!

Comment by Grace

I think that she is stunning!

Comment by CHICK-A-BOOM

I love her. She was great in Dazed and Confused and The Fifth Element. Doesn’t she also have her own fashion line, maybe that’s why she doesn’t model for another line anymore?

Comment by gblinda

I love Milla! Her fashion line is called Jovovich-Hawk.

Comment by Pole

Stop saying fierce, I hate that word, it reminds of Tranny Banks! Milla is so much more..

Comment by BeJeeBus

she’s really good looking but I don’t think she has a lot of personality to her looks. I’m not sure I would recognize her if her name wasn’t printed out.

Comment by atea

i love milla but these aren’t her best pictures.

Comment by EAT IT

I’ve been a fan since her early days in YM. She was so innocent-looking then…

Comment by Dee Bee

what a hot shoot! i really dislike the jutting hipbone look, though. yuck.

arasto you are canadian! i’m sure you know the difference between french and italian!

Comment by SAS

That’s Italian GQ, not the French one…

Milla looks fab in this photoshoot.

Comment by Agustina

I like Milla and I love her look. I think the cover shot is hot, the only gripe I have with it is the “durr…”-kind of ‘special’ expression she has in her eyes, the photographer should have gotten the shot when she was looking dead-ahead. That would have been more intense.

Comment by Aysla

I’ve never really thought she was that great looking, her features are a bit too harsh. But I think she looks fantastic in these shots, especially the black and whites!!

Comment by Stephi


Comment by Chris

It’s not French Gq, it’s Italian GQ…not that it matters!
Oh, and she is not Russian, but Ukrainian. Big difference!

Comment by Elody

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