April 5, 2007, 4:51 pm
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Is age finally catching up with Kate Moss’ supermodel looks?

Stepping out for a shopping trip in Malibu without makeup, the 33-year-old looked more than a little haggard yesterday.

Swathed in a shapeless grey floor-length skirt, Kate went for comfort over style as she hit up some local boutiques on her last day stateside before she heads back to the UK to join main squeeze Pete Doherty mid-tour in London.


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Ouch. Kate really does look like hell here. I guess Coke finally did catch up to her.

Wait another 5 years and she’ll be the perfect cover model for ‘Say No To Coke & Booze’.

Oh and her outfit sucks. Is she wearing those cotton t-shirt sheets as an ensemble?

Comment by Virenda

Please, the drugs and excessive lifestyle are the cause of her aging. She’s 33 but looks 43.

Comment by amara

look at those teeth! nasty!

Comment by dottcomm1

she will be still fed to all of us via photoshop and luxuty brands

Comment by the devil

she looks like she would stink

Comment by Rachel2

come on, this is not the first time we see pics like these of her! she’s been looking rough without makeup for years, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem…

I saw some promotional pics of Courteney Cox from early Friends, alongside pics of her today. she looked a lot younger and her eyes where placed further apart in the new pics… people just keep looking better and better! magic!

Comment by atea

serious scraggletooth… yuck!

Comment by whatever

i still love her…coke nose and all.

Comment by sarah

she looks so ugly, and her teeth ewwwwwwwwwwww.

Comment by hrvatica

I don’t get the whole Kate Moss thing. Never have.

Comment by holly

Me neither, holly. She looks like a meth-head and considering her WONDERFUL choice of a boyfriend, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Comment by Me

Ew, she looks like hell.

Comment by Agustina

Is she missing a tooth???

Comment by rags

In 10 years, she’s going to look like Anita Pallenberg. But hey, at least she had fun.

Comment by fume

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