April 5, 2007, 2:06 pm
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Has Angelina Jolie‘s special relationship with People magazine irked rival mags?

The humanitarian homewrecker favoured People magazine when it cames to exploiting the latest two additions to her family with the exclusive rights to the pictures of her new children.

The magazine paid an estimated $4.1 million for the exclusive North American rights to pictures of Shiloh in June 2006. Eight months later, Angie sold pictures of Pax Thien once again to People magazine for between $1.75 million and $2 million.

Needless to say, competitors in the industry are incensed over what they deem as People‘s unfettered access to Angie and her family and the favorable coverage she receives from the magazine.

Last week’s Us Weekly screamed: ‘Her Twisted Double Life’ on its cover and took Angie to task for “Her broken promise to be a stay-at-home mom” and “How she uses her kids to manipulate the media.”

Meanwhile, this week’s Star magazine is blatant with “Angelina Walks Out on Brad! . . . and Dumps the Kids!” The tab exposes how Angelina reneged on her promise to stay home with her kids by flying off to Chicago to film ‘Wanted.’

So, what’s the solution to all this? Adopt more babies and spread the wealth they bring! More babies! More money! More madness!


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Not sure if this is the rason why these magazines publish this stuff. Look at katie and tom what have they done to get the crazy coverage they get. really where there is smoke their is fire and I think taht the Brad/Angie team want to take away from that. hence her brothers articel.

Comment by sam

OHHHHH Y’all know I love Angelina backlash. It just feels good deep deep inside me. I can’t help it!

Comment by BeJeeBus

Me too BeJee..Me too….hate her!!!

Comment by Kathy

i never really understood all the fascination behind her. even before the whole brad thing, i thought she was a very unstable individual.

I also think she uses her kids to try and mend a part of her that needs healing, maybe she’s just not aware of it.

Comment by dana

The more I read on this woman, the more I am convinced there is something wrong. She adopted a kid when her child is 10 months old, the baby we never see her cradling, holding, or playing with. But she holds these big kids 5 and 6 yrs old and always makes a point to be photographed holding them. This would mean, she filed papers to adopt when Shiloh was like 1 month old or slightly more, being she just picked up Pax. She’s a real nut case, and you can take that to the bank. She won’t be seen loving her natural daughter, because as she herself stated “she was born to previlge” When she’s off to Africa to adopt the matching face for Zahara, maybe then that whimp Pitt will wake the f up. Jen was so lucky this puppet left her, and that’s all he is.

Comment by Sara

Her Shiloh is her “BLOB” that’s why. Z and M and P are soooo more precious. She makes you want to vomit, Enough Already! No wonder his mom visited when she was in Africa, that was no accident, by any means. Look for her to be holding her Pax all over, very shortly. Hey, he’s only 6! Shiloh will be 11 months soon, she doesn’t need holding. LOL. Nut, big one too.

Comment by Dena

Loves the fact that all the above posts hate Angie. Haha. She is annoying and fake as hell with a huge enough ego for the whole world.

Comment by my2cents

Lots of “Friends” fans in here. The strong, passionate, wild type that Angelina represents must terrify a lot of you. There is so much venom towards her. I don’t know her as a person so how could I say what her motives are. It is telling that so many blame her for the dissolution of Brad and Jen’s marriage. If two people really love each other and are committed, no one can come between them. Brad and Jen’s marriage was over before Angelina even showed up. I, personally, would never be involved with someone unless their divorce was final and they were over it, but I don’t believe for a second that Brad was “stolen away.”

Comment by Pin

Why is it some people assume that because you hate Angelina you love Jen (or vice versa)? I see Jen mentioned in passing in one comment.

Comment by Randi

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