April 5, 2007, 4:14 pm
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Brit pop star Peter Andre played the role of protective babydaddy today as he and 7-month pregnant wife Katie Price checked in at Heathrow International Airport today en route to America.

The pair are on their way across the pond to promote their three different reality shows which have already successfully aired in England.

And they say British programming is more intelligent. Pshaw!

Looks like somebody got some pre-promo campaign cosmetic work did!

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What The FUCK did Jordan do to herself?


Please stay in England, you two- we don’t want you here….we have enough reality LOSERS of our own.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Her face is fug. I’ve come to expect her to be dressed poorly, but I’m a little surprised at her face.

She’s a mix of Fergie and Brooke Hogan. Nice.

Comment by Virenda

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i thought the top pic was britney!

Comment by dottcomm1

the top pictures really looked like it was a fuglier jessica simpson.

Comment by kc

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I can’t stand her and I don’t know even hardly know of her. I never even heard of her until about a year ago when I discovered this blog.

Comment by my2cents

^ Don’t worry my2cents…you didn’t miss anything. She is a pig.

Comment by spinner

who needs them in america?

Comment by hrvatica

i thought it was donatella and some gay guy at first glance. are we sure she isn’t a beard?

Comment by 4PetesSake

She really doesn’t look good here at all. There is such a thing as being too orange. They are a really orange couple actually…he’s always got the perma-tan as well.
And three reality shows? Are you kidding? How could they possibly have three? Jordan has always been jealous of Victoria Beckham so I’m guessing Posh’s recent fame in the US is driving her crazy and she wants in on the action.

Comment by Stephi

^Yeah, I have a feeling they want to shove their personas down our throats. I mean, three reality shows when the majority of Americans have no idea who they are?? I can see over-exposure looming on the horizon…

And honestly, who here would watch it? I don’t care for either of them. I think Jordan is an intensely selfish person (not to mention beyond vulgar with the whole masturbating to her cellphone thing), and there’s something really nauseating about Peter Andre.

Comment by Aysla

crap, she looks like she was busted with a shovel.

is that seriously her husband? he’s got major gayface.

Comment by fume

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