April 6, 2007, 3:51 pm
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Britney Spears wants to kick her manager, Larry Rudolph, to the curb but is reportedly stuck in a five year contract with him.

According to Fox News, the recently rehabbed pop star has been telling friends that she “hates” Rudolph and claims she never intended to sign with him.

Brit and her manager, who had initially parted ways shortly after the songstress married Kevin Federline, have had a working relationship for over 13 years.

“She signed a five year contract with him,” says a source. “She says she didn’t know what she was doing at the time, and can’t stand him. But what can she do? Bring in a lawyer and say she signed under duress? That she was drunk or stoned?”

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time Britney has agreed to something while under the influence.  I needn’t remind you of her 55-hour Las Vegas marriage, do I?


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haha!!! Maybe he’ll sue her for MILLIONS when she tries to get out of contract

Comment by yeahso?

Larry probbaly told her how to save her career, and she doesn’t want to hear it. Just like she won’t listen to a STYLIST.

get a fucking CLUE Britney.
she’s done anyway.

Comment by parissucksliterally

I doubt that.He was with her from

Comment by LOla

Britney can’t make logical decisions anymore. She completely fried her brain a while back.

Comment by spinner

She bucks authority. I read she got his fee down to 5% industry standard is twice that amount.

Her next album will be completely filled with celebrity contributions.Each song will read,Featuring Justin and so and so. I think that will be her only chance on blockbuster sales.

Comment by B :)

I didn’t mean Justin on every song.
I should wrttten A featured star on each song.

Sorry for multiple posts.

Have a great weekend all 🙂

Comment by B :)

She’s brainless

Comment by Agustina

Every day i try to have hope that she will make a comeback BUT everyday i read a story about her utter and sheer stupidity. If she dumps him then she is done for good. Honestly, she reminds me of a stupid teenager who doesnt want to listen anyone and just rebell even though its totally self destructive… the only difference is that the consequences of all this are going to be permanent. Shes a fool.

Comment by j

What a fucking idiot. Seriously, she should NOT be allowed custody of her children and her visits should be supervised. She is just THAT stupid and incapable of making sound judgements.

Comment by whatever

j:She will make a comeback,every day
you read story about her and you belive
it.But,maybe that stories are not true.
You know,people want money.People belie
this,stupid article because they want.
This story is bullshit.Larry was with
her since she was 15 or 16 and he helps
her and support her..WHy people just
can’t leave her alone??Yes,she is going
out,so what?Because she has kids she ¨
can’t go out?!She wants publicity and she
is bad mother.What do you know about her,
she goes out for 2 hours and she is bad
mother..She loves her kids.She had a
problems,but everyone was joked about
her.I think that was/is cruel.Papparazi
are everywhere.Yes,she is celebrity but
this?This is ridicule..

Comment by Amanda


are you 12 years old?

she is an irresponsible drunk and drugged out idiot, who should not have had kids to begin with, let alone have custody of them (remember the car seat FIASCOS?). She wants publicity, yet cries when the paps follow her.

I don’t feel sorry for her- she’s done all this shit to herself.

fucking hypocrite.

Comment by parissucksliterally

parissucksliterally:You fuck everybody..She sure wants publicity..Yea,You konow everything about her.You’re jealous whore.If you don’t like her why are you posting comments about her?

Comment by Amanda

ok amanda you really must be 12 (and not just because you can’t type for shit). this is not a fan site- we are posting our opinion, whatever it may be because WE CAN. there is no need to personally attack someone because they have a different view to your seemingly limited one. leave if you don’t like it.

Comment by SAS

Wow! Just relax Amanda!

Comment by Nina

Amanda…put a sock in it.

Comment by spinner

I can’t attack her but she can?I am not saying she can’t say what she wants but this..
I’m not 12 and I’m not from America.

Comment by Amanda

I attacked BRITNEY, not YOU. They are saying you were attcking ME.

Relax honey….but you demonstrate your immaturity again, by telling me I’m “jealous” of Britney….just like the idiots who defend Paris. I would not want Britney’s life- she is a fucking MESS. The ONLY thing I am am ENVIOUS (DIFFERENT from jealous)of Britney, is her bank account.

I post cooments about her because I am so sick of her stupid stunts, and I like to voice my opinion.

Have a nice day, sweetie…and find yourself some better role models. Mommy and Daddy will be happy you did.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Comment by Amanda 04.07.07 @ 9:40 am

^Eh, there are a few people that are hard to defend on many blogs lol… a few of those (that have been mentioned) are Paris and Britney. And sadly, Kirsten Dunst (although I happen to be a fan of Kiki). Know that unless the comments are explicitly directed to you (i.e., “BITCH!”

Comment by Aysla

^Oops, got cut off.

the rest: (the ‘bitch!’ insult was directed at me once), well… know that people don’t (for the most part) attack other posters here. Just their idols ;). So no bad feelings, I hope.

Where are you from anyway?

Comment by Aysla

I’m from Europe.
parissucksliterally:All right..I will never defens Paris,she is really stupid girl,like Jessica Simpson..

Comment by Amanda

Amanda; Good to hear you think Paris is stupid, and Jessica too! I like you more already….LOL

Comment by parissucksliterally

parissucksliterally:I like you mote too. 🙂

Comment by Amanda

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