April 6, 2007, 9:07 am
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In the May issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, ‘American Idol’ reject-turned-country music sweetheart Carrie Underwood opens up about finding love, her diminishing waistline and the downside of fame.

Carrie on her weight: “I gained weight on the show, but I didn’t starve myself afterward. I might feel guilty if I eat a pizza. But I’ve tried to be healthy and exercise as much as I can. If that’s made me lose weight, I guess I needed to.”

Carrie on the pitfalls of fame: “Guys who would never look at me twice before might ask me out now, so I guess I have better opportunities. But when I do meet a guy, there’s this ‘Does he just want his picture in a magazine?’ factor.”

Carrie on finding love: “I’m not saying I want to get married tomorrow, but I’d like to have someone other than my mom to call when I have good news.”


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I thought that she won American Idol.

Comment by beeble

Yeah Carrie you are SO famous that guys would surely do you just to end up in a magazine.. Get over yourself.. Why do celebs have such inflated ego’s it’s nauseating!!

Comment by BeJeeBus

That is an horrendous cover. She’s not very photogenic.

Comment by spinner

it’s really too bad she’s such a raging bitch to people like ohhhh radio station employees, fans, restaurant workers, etc.
Those looks hide an unmitigated egotastic bitch.

Comment by anon

Carrie did win American Idol, Season 4 so she’s not an AI “reject”. She won Grammies, AMAs and all the big country awards last year for the first album so I think she’s both successful and famous. She’s regularly featured in all the tabloids so she’s right about someone dating her getting in picture in magazines. And from everything I hear about her (and I’m in the music business), she’s a sweet girl so the whole raging bitch comment is not what the industry thinks of her. Maybe you’re thinking of that April Lavine chick.

Comment by Animus Jones

just another pretty face, another airbrush and another album coming up.

Comment by just a penguin

I think Carrie is a beautiful girl. She looks gorgeous in the photo. She’s definitely photogenic.

Comment by MeOK?

she annoys me.

Make her go away.

Comment by parissucksliterally

That’s not a good cover pic.

Comment by Agustina

She’s a well known cokehead. Diet and exercise my ass. Just ONCE I’d like to hear some starlet tell the truth: “I lost all this weight by railing 2-ft. lines of coke and smoking meth.”

Comment by meh

I love how everyone just knows everything about Carrie Underwood, right? Yeah didn’t think so. So unless you have a picture of her snorting coke or doing whatever else you think she does, leave it alone. Its a magazine, this is a celebrity site, we don’t know these people.

Comment by DB

Yeah… Carrie wasn’t an AI reject. She was the winner. Not my choice, but she won.

Comment by Erica

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