April 6, 2007, 9:27 pm
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With just over 24 hours to go until the third season of ‘Entourage’ kicks off, the hit HBO show hosted a star-studded party in Los Angeles last night.

All the regulars were there — Adrian Grenier, Emmanuelle Chriqui and even Mark Wahlberg.

The surprise appearance came courtesy of the Duff sisters who seem to be everywhere as of late.


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omg… for a second I thought Hilary was Drew Barrymore in the first pic… I had to take a second look!

Comment by m7b3m1

I dare to say that Hailey’s prettier that Hilary.

Comment by Agustina

she does kinda look like drew at first glance in this pic which isnt a good thing because drew 32 years old ,i always thought hailey was better lookin .yea she has a big nose but she works it well and it sets her apart from looking like every other bimbo in hollywerid .

Comment by iWannaMarryJay-z

I can’t STAND Haylie “Cling-on” Duff. I think she’s friggin ugly as sin, and she annoys me beyond belief.

Someone inform her that she doesn’t BELONG at any of these parties.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Why is Hilary doing this? Her sister I can understand because she doesn’t do anything else.
Looks like the Duff sisters are the new media whores (seems Paris Hilton and Eva Langoria have stepped down FINALLY!)

Comment by blake

Hilary looks really cute. I have to say that Entourage is the shittiest HBO show there ever was though.

Comment by Johnny

i fucking cant stand haylie duff. She should be shot riding her younger sisters coat tails. and shes disgusting looking. Little bitch with a hot famous sister who is worthless.

Comment by cool

I have read that the reason Haylie shares the spotlight with Hilary is that it is Haylie’s voice singing on Hilary’s albums. Hilary just lip-syncs & does the performances.

Comment by spinner

Hilary’s starting to steal Lindsay’s look. y/n? j

Comment by teenage drama queen

i think they are both ugly.w

Comment by biatch.

hilary seems to be getting uglier by the second. her outfit and lipstick are tragic. i think hailey’s prettier. so what if her nose is a little big

Comment by bluebird

m7b3m1, SO DID I!!!!!!!!! i thought it was drew barrymore too!!

anyways, hilary looks a bit tired in these photos. hayley looks prettier here, although usually it’s hilary

Comment by sigh

hailey is the poor man’s hilary…dog face sister

Comment by sarah

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