April 7, 2007, 4:09 pm
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Her body may be on its way back to ablicious, but Britney Spears has reportedly taken the easy way out of losing those few extra pounds by turning to liposuction.

The newly rehabilitated songstress, who has apparently been struggling to regain her pre-pregnancy body, decided to visit a Las Vegas liposuction specialist recently.

According to The Sun, Britney visited the Advanced Lipo Dissolve center in Sin City after her strict dance training in studios in L.A. failed to get rid of those extra few pounds.

The center specializes in a non evasive treatment of a series of injections which claim to permanently dissolve fat.

The downside? A series of Lipo Dissolve treatments can run several thousand dollars making it more expensive than liposuction. The upside? The procedure dissolves away problem fat with no surgery and no downtime. Perfect for those of us constantly hounded by the intrusive paparazzi.


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I’ll just hang tight and wait for the Brit Beach Bod Alerts next summer, which will no doubt show a botched lipo job.

Comment by 4PetesSake

I doubt this..She lost 10 pounds when she
was in rehab.She is now showing for few¨
days and she goes to liposuction.And THE
SUN is sayng that.Yea right.

Comment by Nina

what? this is stupid….she lost a few lbs., but it’s not like she has an amazing body again…..

I still wish she’d stay the fuck home with her babies for a while, but that would mean no attention for her…so that’s not going to happen.

Comment by parissucksliterally

She is at home 2 days and I think she will be for a while..

Comment by liki

who cares. drop it.

Comment by dumb

What else is new? All the celebs do this.Why should Britney be any different? I would do it too if I had the cashola.

Comment by keller

damn im going to get some of that

Comment by fhfgh

Eh, I don’t think she has been putting enough effort into getting back in shape. I remember back in her pop days she used to work out a lot with a trainer and the results were impressive. Not that I care what she does, but I get disappointed when celebs opt for the easy way out (ala cosmetic surgery) if it’s not an absolute necessity (health).

Comment by Aysla

Britney’s body will never be the same as it was. Ever.

Comment by spinner

I’m pretty sure this is not true. There have been lipo rumors about her before.
Britney has got the type of body that without working out she will gain weight but if she sticks with a strict exercise regime like she did in her younger years she has got one of the best body’s ever. She is definately capable of keeping her body in shape without surgery so why doubt her now? She’s been doing a lot of dance lately, give her a little credit! Even when she does something good like lose weight people need to turn it into something negative about her!

Comment by Stephi

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