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We all know Angelina Jolie is a dedicated actress, humanitarian and mother, but should we add diva to the list? The celebrity baby collector’s demands at the day-care centre she leaves her kids while working are reportedly driving other parents nuts.

Angie, who drops her brood of four off at the $931 per-month pre-school and day-care centre on the Warner Bros studio lot has strict rules of no photos or “eye contact.”

According to the upcoming issue of Star magazine, this is not only upsetting other kids, but their parents as well.

The mag claims that when the Jolie-Pitt four are at the centre, other parents aren’t allowed to take photos, even if they happen to be celebrating their kids’ birthday parties.

“Parents are instructed not to look at Angelina,” a source reveals.

Parents are not even allowed to carry their cell phones inside, for Brad and Angie are paranoid of having Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh or Pax’s pictures taken on their mobile phones.

Things have come to such a level, that even a day care insider admitted that parents now wanted Brangelina to find another place to park their kids.

“They wish she would take her kids elsewhere,” said the insider.

At this rate, there will be so many Brangelina kids in the future anway that they will soon need their own sovereign nation .  A seperate daycare centre shouldn’t be too much to ask for.


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why would Angie have her kids in DAY CARE? I don’t believe this. Day care is an option for parents who can’t afford in-home child care.

Maybe it’s just for Maddox’s school…..I’m confused by this story.

Comment by parissucksliterally

It says the day care that they use when they are on site at Warner Bros studio. Perhaps they use this service when they’d like to have their kids with them at work. I don’t think that this is referring to any other time. I’m sure they have about 12 nannies to help them otherwise. Regardless, the “no eye contact” thing is pretty divalicious. Not very cool. She’s only putting up more barriers which seems contradictory to her humanitarian work. I think a little more eye contact would make the world a better place. Shame on her if this is true.

Comment by WTF

thank you WTF…I am just having my coffee now…lol.

I still think they could afford to have a separate trailer for their kids if they are that worried…..ya know?

Comment by parissucksliterally

caring for humanity, yet becoming les human, I don’t get it

Comment by lllllllllll

I thought this tabloid backlash was due to Angelina’s exclusive agreement with People Magazine…

I cannot believe the no-eye contact thing; however, the no mobile phones is quite credible.

Comment by MeMe

the whole “no eye contact” thing is actually more common in the industry than most let on. i’ve had friends on crews working with a number of celebrities (hillary duff, justin timberlake, denzel washington) who demand this clause in their contracts when filming a movie, video, etc.

kinda shitty, especially when other big names will regularly interact with their crews.

this isn’t the first time that jolie has had rumours of diva-ish behaviour, either.

Comment by pizzle

I have my 4-year son at the same daycare and the story is bullshit. There’s a no cell phone policy in general before Angelina got there and the eye-contact thing is completely made up. My son has played with Maddox many times and both Brad and Angelina have spoken to me (like normal people, they are people not gods) many times and I looked at both of them in the eyes. Star Magazine is a piece of shit.

Comment by Hilary2008

Good to hear, Hilary.

I didn’t really believe this one anyway.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Star magazine is mad because Angelina sells pictures for People, serious, with so many couples and others actrees to talk about, why is always about Brad and Angelina?
Move on media, for the love of God!!!!!!!!!!!11

Comment by Selline

Why dont Brad and Angelina sues those magazines?
any time thay say anything bad abput Jennifer aniston she runs to Oprah to deny, so why angie and Brad dont act!!
if i were them i would make Star magazibne to prove this story, and show those “sources” i bet they would think twice about write another bulsshit story.
I mean, i am not a fan but even i am tired of those ridiculous tab, last week Life and Sytle said that Angie walk out of home, now she is having problem in the school, tomorrow will be what?

Comment by Marcy

The tabs are just ultra ridiculous with all the lies made up about Brad and Angelina. Don’t they have anyone else to talk about? Notice when no pixs of Jolie-Pitts are seen for a time, the lies just multiple. This is why fewer and fewer people are reading tabs like Star.

Comment by mazy

All this does is confirm my opinion…THEY ARE ASSES!!!! keep the kids home instead of putting restrictions of all the other rude.

Comment by Kathy

Then they will be sue happy like Cruise. I think the tabloids are more pissed that they don’t give a shit about what they write and if they want to refute anything they just use People.

Comment by Hope

I am not buying this story at all, and Thanks Hilary for speaking up. Tabloids are in a dangerous position right now. With on line Blogs and gossip sites as well as the daily dose of Tv entertainment shows stealing some of their thunder, they are more or less forced to come up with something that will keep people buying their publications. And who sells better than Angie and Brad or Tom and Katie?

Comment by audrey

$931 per month? Sadly, that doesn’t sound that much more expensive than the regular daycare where I live.

Comment by Randi

^I was just about to say… that’s only a couple hundred dollars more expensive than what the kids around where I live (including my sister when she was a bit younger) have to pay. And I don’t even live in a metropolis… just a small, very liberal town that focuses more on nature than things like clubs (we only have two and they’re shitty! lol).

Comment by Aysla

Oh, and I wanted to add, I can see why some celebs might want to put their kids in a daycare center in general (as opposed to in-home care). It’s good to socialize kids at a very early age… better emotional and intellectual development when exposed to other kids.

Comment by Aysla

aysla i totally agree with you (yet again!) even though the jolie-pitt kids have each other to play with, its really important for children to learn to play with other kids and adapt to different rules or structure that they would have in the family home.

have you studied psych by any chance?

Comment by SAS

^Yes ! 🙂 Majoring in applied =).

Comment by Aysla

ha ha ha…. i’m surprised the narcissist doesn’t want anyone looking at her!

Comment by SpamEatingTrailerTrash

i doubt this story is true at all. thank you hilary for the post!!

however, there are hollywood schmucks that demand no eye contact (i.e. tom cruise). that’s so damn stupid! you’re a freakin’ actor, not a god. you do nothing but play petend in front of a camera. get over yourselves!

Comment by dottcomm1

Faded Youth has become Just Jared junior! Congratulations. The Brangeloonies have another place to congregate on the web!

Comment by Oh brother

I’m really surprised that she would send her kids to daycare!! I mean hasn’t she got nannies that can stay with them at home while she is working. That’s is what most celebs do. I guess maybe she wants her kids closeby on the lot or wants them to have more of a normal childhood or something. I do agree with demanding no photos however, the kids are hounded by cameras enough so when they are not with their parents they should be left alone.

Comment by Stephi

I don’t like her, but I don’t think that’s true. But whatever.

Comment by Agustina

Faded Youth has become Just Jared junior! Congratulations. The Brangeloonies have another place to congregate on the web!

Comment by Oh brother 04.08.07 @ 8:04 pm

I see I’m not the only one who’s not a fan of Just Jared. I used to enjoy the site content, but there is no sense of humour and the posters are celebrity sycophants. Give me a site with snide commentary and amusingly bitchy posters anyday.

Comment by Randi

Thank you Hilary for your comments. The “NO Handphones and Cameras” photos is very common in most child care centres. it is to protect all children. No wonder Bonnie Fuller has been demoted and American Media is losing money hand over fist (reported losses for 2006 is $160m and they may have revise their previous financial statements). Really what do you expect of a company which owns Globe and National Enquirer as well as the STAR. How can you expect people who run magazines that purvey in lies report the truth? Just think of the sort of person you’d have to be to work in a place like that. LOL. I hope they go bankrupt.

Comment by Ming

Read some comments about this site turning into a Just jared site and just couldnt resist helping that cause a long:) One of the things about the Just Jared Brad and Angelina fans is that we do our homework. Here is a piece published in Time magazine – a publication which presumably, has done its research:,8599,1601643,00.html?cnn=yes

The Tale of Angelina’s New Son
Thursday, Mar. 22, 2007 By KAY JOHNSON/HANOI

Angelina Jolie
Manish Swarup / AP
Article Tools

The boy whom the world would know as Pax Thien Jolie was brought to the Tam Binh orphanage when he was one month old after being abandoned by his mother at Tu Du obstretics hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. “His mother gave birth and left immediately,” said Nguyen Van Trung, director of orphanage. Hospital authorities put up notices and tried to search for the mother for 30 days but no one showed up. So he was placed in the orphanage, which was provided with a police report of attempts to find his birth parents, as is standard practice in Vietnam.
A Visit to Pax’s Orphanage
An inside look at the facility that reared Angelina Jolie’s new son and how it treats the children under its care
The child was known at the orphanage as Pham Quang Sang. Pham is a fairly common family name in Vietnam; the second two given names together mean “bright light.” No one at the orphanage seemed to know for sure — the name was on his file when he arrived at the orphanage — but the name may be the only thing his birth mother left to him. It is standard practice for Vietnamese hospitals to require women in labor to provide proposed names for the child, one for a boy and a second for a girl, in case the mother dies in childbirth. The practice is a legacy of the hard years of famine and poverty after the war when women more often died in childbirth.
As it happened, according to Trung, when the actress Angelina Jolie applied to Vietnam through an agency asking for a healthy boy between ages 3 and 5, Pax happened to be the only one at Tam Binh orphanage who met the criteria. There were 31 other boys the same age, but all of them had relatives or were not “healthy.” “Only Sang met the set criteria for adoption in general and her request,” Trung said. “She was lucky at the time she applied that there was this boy who met the request and criteria.” (Vietnam’s national adoption director says that he prepared 10 dossiers of boys, including those at other orphanages, in response to Jolie’s original application and criteria.)
“In past years, we have received so many applications for adoptions but few children really meet with the requirements,” Tam Binh’s director Trung continues. “In so many cases, they are not totally or really abandoned — they still have parents out there and sometimes even other family who come to visit them. For example, the mother may have been sent to jail or is in a mental institution, or the parents may have leprosy — so we cannot let them go.” Some of the children also have physical or mental handicaps that make them harder to place. In the end, only about 30% of Tam Binh’s children eventually get adopted. The same situation applies to the rest of the country’s orphanages. In fact, in the group picture of Tam Binh orphans that circulated shortly after the adoption took place, the boy who is now Pax Thien Jolie was the only child in the portrait who was eligible for adoption, according to Trung. “None of the others in the photo are slated for adoption.”
Trung describes Pax Thien (a name in two languages, the Latin for “peace” and the Vietnamese for “sky”) as a bright and amiable boy,though with a tendency to be laughing one moment and then turning suddenly shy, as he apparently did when he started crying when he met Jolie on the day he was adopted. “It’s common for ophans to be shy. When they play in a group or team, he’s very active, but shy once separated.”
One person who will especially miss Pax is Bui Thi Bach Tuyen, who was his primary caretaker for the last 18 months (the orphanage has about 15 caretakers at any given time for the 153 children who are Pax’s age). Wandering around the orphanage dormitories, Ms. Tuyen points out the small now empty bed that Pax slept in in the corner of the room. “He was here, and now he’s gone,” she says sadly. “I’m very happy for him. I miss him and so I am sad — but we have other children to take care of.” She adds, “Everyone is sad since he’s left,” Tuyen says. “We have mixed feelings — happy, proud of him, missing him.”
Ms. Tuyen says she didn’t have time during the brief ceremony to coach Jolie on how Pax should be fed, but she’s not worried that Pax will have trouble adjusting to the food in America, since he already eats some Western-style food. “Sang loves to eat yogurt and spaghetti.” (Unlike most east Asians, many Vietnamese eat locally made yogurt, a legacy of French colonialists.) “He’s very clever and I hope he has a good life. We just hope he will return to visit us. But we don’t know,” says Tuyen.
Vietnam’s rules of adoption call for Jolie to send the orphanage regular reports and photos of Pax’s progress. “For Sang’s case,” says Trung, Tam Binh’s director, “she is required to send a report every six months updating us about his health, mental development, hobbies — and a photo,” says Trung. “It’s required for the first three years. After three years, it’s not required because we can see if the kids are being taken care of for the first three years so we can be assured they are in the good home.”
If Jolie had not whisked him from the orphanage to instant fame, Pax Thien most likely would have ended up being adopted by another, probably foreign, family, because of the intense overseas demand. “At present, there are more [foreign] requests for adoptions than there are eligible children for adoptions,” says Vu Duc Long, head of Vietnam’s International Adoption Department, which is part of the Ministry of Justice. “There is more demand than supply.” Last year, 163 U.S. parents adopted Vietnamese children, making Vietnam the 14th most popular adoption source. (China is number 1 with more than 6,000 U.S. adoptions in the same period.)
Ho Thi Kim Thoa, who is second-in-charge at the orphanage, remembers the first day Jolie and her partner, the actor Brad Pitt, visited last November bearing toys and playing with children. She didn’t know at the time she was in the presence of two of the world’s biggest superstars. Asked if she did not notice that the woman playing with the children back then was exceptionally beautiful, Thoa shrugged and said “she was dressed normally and wasn’t wearing any make-up, I guess.” Thoa adds, “We considered her as just another guest giving charity at that time and had no idea she might adopt from here.”
What Thoa does remember is Jolie’s ease with the children then — and now that she knows more about about the boy’s new mother, she says has no worries about his future. “I think she’ll be a good mother to him,” she says. “She already has experience.”
Kay Johnson, TIME’s Hanoi-based reporter, also contributed to our sister publication People magazine’s coverage of the Jolie adoption. For People’s story and exclusive photographs go to

Comment by Just Jared Fan

And another one. heheheh

Angelina Jolie’s Adoption
The Media’s Obsession and the Truth
April 01,2007 / Martha Osborne

Everyone, including my own mother, knows by now that Angelina Jolie traveled to Vietnam in March and adopted a 3-year-old little boy from the Tam Binh orphanage in Vietnam . The world seems glued to the drama of this mega-star and her adoption of her son,. Pax Thien Jolie.

There’s been quite an uproar in the adoption community. Email lists, bulletin boards and phones are alight with questions and speculation. And yet the general press appears frequently to get the story half-right, or never to address the questions closest to our hearts. We adoptive families are both part of the general populace, and also a world unto ourselves. The masses may wonder about this movie-star-mom growing her family in ‘alternate’ ways, while the adoptive community hosts quite a different range of inquiries. Questions such as:

Did Angelina choose her child? (the answer is no )
Why did Angelina only spend a week in Vietnam while other adoptive families spend 2-3 weeks processing their paperwork?
How did Angelina adopt a child as a single parent when she was living with Brad Pitt?
Did Angelina pay to expedite her adoption?
Are Brad and Angelina adopting to expand their fame?
In the big picture, there is one side of this story; the story the entire world will hear and unfortunately, believe. In our world, there is the following story. One which involves most of those involved in this adoption and which I know to be the truth after talking to many of the parties involved. But first, let us be fair and address the history of this situation. In the end, all of the questions will be answered.

The unfortunate tabloid-fueled presentation to the world is this: Angelina Jolie: Movie Star and Collector of Children , went to Vietnam on a whim, ended up arbitrarily visiting an orphanage in November of 2006, picked out a child to add to her string of multicultural kids, and paid bribes to the Vietnamese government and to an US adoption agency to make it happen fast.

This is clichéd fiction that people accumulatively pay millions in magazine prices to read.

The truth is, Angelina Jolie is the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Goodwill Ambassador and mother of 4, three through adoption. As a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, Angelina uses her status as a superstar to generate media coverage about the plight of refugees and the conditions under which they live. She has traveled widely to remote refugee camps and receiving centers in countries including Tanzania, Namibia, Cambodia, Pakistan, Thailand, and Ecuador.

She has met thousands of men, women, and children forced to flee from their homes and struggle to survive as refugees. “You go to these places and you realize what life’s really about and what people are really going through,” says Angelina. “These people are my heroes.”

As adoptive parents, knowing this about Ms. Jolie, why wouldn’t we understand her desire, on a much more private level, to make a difference in the lives of the children that she so often witnessed suffering?

When adopting Maddox, Ms. Jolie had been filming in Cambodia for nearly a year; Living and working day-by-day with the people of that country. Nothing actually divides Ms. Jolie from any of us, except that generally Americans have grown used to our movie stars being dysfunctional, political, self-aggrandizing personalities. So how do we handle a mega-star adopting? A truly crazy-famous, strong, intelligent activist woman who chooses to build her life and family in her own style?

I believe the answer is: we follow her example. We embrace that which does no harm, but only seeks to promote the welfare of children. Many will argue that adopting as an unmarried couple negates the good of giving a child a family. Though on one side this may appear to be a moral issue, the question also must be asked, Who will parent all the children in orphanages?

Surely, loving this or any child cannot be wrong. And legally, since Ms. Jolie is not married she had to adopt as a single parent. Vietnamese law states that you have to be single or a married couple (man/woman) – since she isn’t married she had to adopt single. The requirements of Vietnam do not state that you can’t live with anyone. Each agency must make their own choice of whom they will accept as applicants. And each family must also choose: how will they grow?

For Ms. Jolie and Mr. Brad Pitt, the answer has been more complicated than what the world may view as ‘normal’. But as adoptive parents, how can we not embrace their choices? After visiting numerous orphanages and privately saying to myself, “If only I had the finances,” and finding myself wanting to do so much more, I know I am not alone in understanding how someone could choose this eclectic but fulfilling way to build a family. How much more so it must be for someone who regularly travels to refugee homes and orphanages to do humanitarian work?

However, the world press, those who crushed her windshield while in Vietnam, attacked her car, released private information to the world including her new son’s passport and her adoption papers, they aren’t interested in you hearing about her good works. The supported schools, AIDS programs, new water wells or medical programs for orphans. You’ve heard their version of this story already.

Now I’m going to tell you the real story.

In the early summer of 2006, Ms. Angelina Jolie: Mother, Partner and parent with Brad Pitt, movie star and humanitarian worker was visiting with her daughter Zahara’s pediatrician, Dr. Jane Aronson.

Ms. Jolie had already gone through the homestudy process, approving her to adopt internationally. Dr. Jane is the founder of Worldwide Orphans Foundation (did you really think I could resist a plug for a wonderful charity?) which has done amazing work with orphans in Ethiopia . Dr. Jane has also adopted from Vietnam and Ethiopia . However the conversation may have gone, a call was soon made to the Pennsylvania adoption agency, Adoptions from the Heart .

“It was truly fate,” Vietnam adoption coordinator for AFTH Heidi Gonzalez reports. “This 3-year-old boy from Vietnam had been living in his orphanage since shortly after his birth. Our agency had (just prior to Ms. Jolie’s inquiry) recently received his referral and the report of what a wonderful little boy he is. His file was on my desk at the moment I received the call. Despite what others may believe, this was the first and only child presented to Ms. Jolie. It was meant to be.”

Adoptions from the Heart accepted the challenging opportunity to assist this young boy in finding his family. “We have been working with Vietnam since 1995. There were years when we supported the children and orphanages when adoption was closed to the US . Every child is precious to us, and we work for the best interest of each child, regardless of whether or not adoption is in his or her future,” Ms. Gonzalez stated.

In November of 2006, Ms. Jolie visited her son’s orphanage, though she knew her adoption was months away from being complete. “She chose to visit the toddler room in general, not to single him out,” shared Ms. Gonzalez, “in January she knew it was getting close, and she visited individually with Pax to begin the bonding process.” By this time, the Vietnam government had Ms. Jolie’s CIS approval and the first leak of the adoption had reached the world-wide press.

“Before that time, there were only two people in our office who knew of the adoption. Her file was kept under lock and key in my office,” said Ms. Gonzalez. Security, lawyers, hand-carrying documents and working with personal assistants were the norm. So, was this adoption that much different from others?

“Looking back, I guess you might see it that way. But on a day-to-day basis, not really. We had a single mom who was focused on her child. She wanted to make sure he was cared for and safe and the side-bar was keeping the news of the adoption from the media. She was doing a movie in India for part of the process and on a few hours notice she would fly in, exhausted, to re-do fingerprints or do one last homestudy update,” said Ms. Gonzalez, “The biggest difference was when it was time to travel for the actual adoption. We had to work with her security team and Vietnam, run through the process with them for when she would arrive, look at the security risks in each location and figure out how to minimize any problems. That was definitely different.”

The hardest part for everyone involved materialized in Ho Chi Minh City . The reports of the ridiculous actions of the press were understated. They attacked her car, breaking the windshield, attempting to puncture the tires in order to take more photos, relentlessly invading the cherished time that most adoptive parents, and presumably Ms. Jolie as well, see as priceless: That in-country bonding week or two. It was not possible to be just another adoptive parent. She had to be Angelina Jolie The Movie Star . Her adoption signing was accompanied by the Vietnamese press, she was requested to submit to being interviewed by a Vietnamese government newspaper just hours after receiving her son, and gracefully accepted being photographed for hours with government officials. She was there to adopt a childa private personal experience that was very special to her and to all adoptive parents.

And she missed it. She didn’t get that precious, private experience.

“She really had no problem doing interviews or sharing her photos. She had her own photographer with her, and simply asked that the privacy of all her children be respected. She wanted to have the process be special and private for her family. Unfortunately she didn’t have that opportunity,” said Ms. Gonzalez.

Imagine if you were in a taxi with your newest child on your lap, your cherished toddler to whom you had longed to show your love and bring into your family. Strangers were attacking the car, their mouths screaming, faces contorted, and cameras flashing into the cab of the vehicle. The world appears to desire to blame the Star. The person who wishes to build her family in a similar way that we adoptive-families build our own.

Are we part of that world? As individuals in the adoption community, we should band together and support all people who build their families through adoption.

Although accused of requesting and receiving preferential treatment due to only spending one week in Vietnam after the adoption of Pax (the normal time is 2 1/2 weeks), the truth is that the Vietnamese passport office processed Pax’s passport in one day due to the media’s outrageous and destructive behavior. Ms. Jolie and her family left only after it was apparent that there would be no ability to explore Vietnam as a family, and airline ticket dates were changed for everyone.

The final question, the one many silently contemplate is this:

“What sort of Normal life will Pax Thien Jolie, or any of the children of Mega Movie Stars, live?”

I imagine that it will not be ‘normal’, as I or many others may see it. Or maybe it will. It all depends on how you look at the situation. But is that so terrible? Millions of people live normal lives. They’re not UN representatives. They don’t raise funds for AIDS orphans in Ethiopia, or drill wells for clean drinking water. I know of lots of normal and not-so-normal people who are to be admired. But the ones I respect most, all seem to have the same name and title:


Comment by Just Jared Fan

Forgtet Pax, daycare, etc etc, when will we see this nut holding her 10 month old baby ?? When? when will she realize her REAL baby is the one she should be adoring? Love the others, but she is for damn sure preferring the adopted. We won’t ever see her holding Shiloh, bet on it. She prefers “Zahara” in her arms, give me f*****G break! Thank God for normal moms like Jennifer Gardner, Gwen Stefani, Brooke Shields, list goes on and on, all holding the precious bio babie’s they gave birth too. She’s has problems, and you can take that to the bank. Without a doubt, his mom and dad can’t belief she ran off to VN to get another kid while her own damn baby is still an infant. Look for this couple to have BIG time problems, just wait. Her father was right on, no wonder she won’t speak to him, she cannot face the truth.

Comment by sara

I agree! When I see Jen Gardner pushing adorable Violet on a swing, holding her while she’s eating straberries, whatever, it comes thru so clear how happy & loved this baby is. You do not see that with AJ, well, how can we? We’ve seen ONE pic. of her holding Shiloh, when she was in route to a plane, the baby was hidden under a blanket, she was like 3 months old. Since that pic, there has not been a single one showing her holding Shiloh. In fact, it’s so known, that if you Google “Angie not holding SHiloh” a whole bunch of stuff comes up. Does she care? nah, she has her adopted children whom as she says “have more personality”. It’s sickening, the three adopted, are her precious cargo. Not Shiloh, the youngest, the real baby, and the beautiful one. Can’t handle that, right ms jolie? If I see one more pic of her holding those big kids, I’m going to scream! Jennifer A. got the last laugh, afterall. She knows, she sees, and she knows, what he’s in for. Wait.

Comment by TruthbeTold

i have to laugh, i see her holding Zahara all te time, a kid with no beauty, but still a kid, whom she seems to dote on and adore, that shows. yet her georgeous baby girl is never in her arms, never. she once said “i will never have my own biological child, that would mean one more left in an orphange”. Well, she sure wasn’t kidding was she? She had her for Brad, end of story. Perhaps she can hold Pax and Zahara now, in her both arms, like she used to hold Maddox and Zahara. What a loonie tune!

Comment by Tina

Yes, Violet Afleck is so loved by her NORMAL mom. No question there. Too bad Jennifer Aniston didn’t have Brad’s baby. There sure wouldn’t be 3 others in front and center, thats for damn sure. Shame. And the three of them would have made some beautiful family too! She was just voted more sexy then AJ, well, have you seen AJ lately? A bag of bones with a pretty getting thinner face.

Comment by aon

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