April 7, 2007, 5:13 pm
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Riding high on his recent wave of success, ‘300’ star and bonafide hunk Gerard Butler stepped out in Los Angeles yesterday with a new blonde mystery woman.  After a round retail therapy, the happy couple lunched at an uber chic eatery before making their way back to Gerard’s hotel room. 

So much for those rumours that had the studly Glasgow-born actor linked to rageaholic supermodel Naomi Campbell.

(Breathes a sigh of relief.) 


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I didn’t see that movie, and I have no idea who this guy is….but he’s cute.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Parissucksliterally, he was the one in “Dracula 2000”, if you saw it and he was also in “Phantom of the opera”. He really is cute and you can fall in love with him easy in “300”. That woman of his though is no model. Maybe she looks better with some makeup on.

Comment by babydoll

That’s not Bianca Christians…

Comment by Stacey

That woman is not Bianca!

Comment by Josechu Letón

[…] Looks Like 300’s Gerard Butler Escaped From Naomi’s Clutches […]

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I went to see “300” just for the male eye candy. It was probably like when men go to the Victoria’a Secret Runway Show. The men in the film were gorgeous. Plus, the story was great-go see it!

Comment by TellMeMore

I liked 300 a lot(thought I wouldn´t).
Boy…some women are just lucky.
Till proof of the contrary Gerry is simply the best.

Comment by Thunya

Hey the rumour has it that Bianca and GB are no longer an item, and thank goodness he escaped Naomi,, this blonde person looks like a FRIEND,, doesn’t look like they are being ROMANTIC atall,
Maybe they are cousins or something 😛

Comment by SharukhKhan's Cloggie

Damnitt, I really wanted to see 300… especially after hearing how awesome it is. I was all ready to go to the iMax nearest me, which is an hour away, but then I found out they weren’t even playing it! Is it even playing in regular theaters anymore? I’d like to check it out, if so.

Anyway, this actor is very good looking. He also seems genuine, grounded, and down to earth. More please =).

Comment by Aysla

i think that might be his old assitant tonya

Comment by B

[…] GERARD BUTLER APPRECIATION POST [image]Riding high on his recent wave of success, ‘300′ star and bonafide hunk Gerard Butler stepped out in […] […]

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She looks like she has a wedding band on

Comment by jlr

I love him, lots.
Even in that god awful Tomb Raider II.

300 was an awesome film, eye candy aside.

Comment by Irene

Who ever she is, look at Gerry, he is smiling, and that only makes him more loveable.. Love seeing him happy thats the best and he deserves the best…
As far as 300 in some cities it is still playing, check out your theatres. Also, even though 300 was released for IMAX I believe the majority of them wouldn’t carry the movie becuase it didn’t fall into their category of films that they show. There wasn’t an IMAX in Washington State that carried it! But if you want to know more about the movie and look at some sweet videos and screen shots check out, the official warner brothers web site, you can also find it on myspace! Enjoy the eye candy. Also if you are interested in keeping up with Gerry, I would suggest rather than the tabloids, they have a special relationship with him and the information is more reliable and more respectfull.

Best of Luck!

Comment by Junghart

He looks happy……good deal! What a cutie!

Comment by Pat

She looks OLD. He deserves the best looking woman in the world (yes yes, personality all that other stuff included).

Comment by Carine

That woman is not Tonya.

Comment by Anonymous

Not Tonya…don’t know who though. Does not look like Gerrys type, perhaps a friend or coworker…someone he met jogging (oh I forgot he gave us exercise since 300)…but he is known to be full of surprises!

Comment by Alliask

yes g.butler is very handsome and even funny most likely a true nice guy .i saw a page saying he swings both ways. i do not beleave that.and that he mostly dates dark skin woman. oh that mite suck for the lite skin ladys.what ever hes in to i wish him a long time of .fram and happyness and well being.i think for most of us that see his big smile fall that much more into lust for him.

Comment by nicee7472

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Comment by urban

Hey eny one knows were living gerard Butler now? in new York,or Los Angeles??????

Comment by Tina

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