April 7, 2007, 7:51 pm
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It appears Lindsay Lohan‘s latest addiction is hair dye.

For the forth time in less than two weeks, La Lohan has visited the Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills for touch-ups since going from borderline black to bimbo blonde.

And luckily for us, hoards of paparazzi were there to capture each and every historical moment.


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She’s getting her roots touched up. Big deal. Lucky girl has the money to get touch ups every 2 weeks, as opposed to me (every 7-8 weeks).

Comment by keller

seriously…..I have to do it every 4 weeks like clockwork- whether I can afford it or not!

I’d love to be able to do it as soon as the first roots pop out!

this is so fucking ridiculous though, how her every move is followed.

Comment by parissucksliterally

I hate this color. It looks so brassy & cheap.

Comment by spinner

Being a former addict,you go through hair coloring quiet a bit when you want attention,or have a jones for drugs….some say also its a suttle cry for help….I wonder what her hair color will be when they put her 6ft under in these next few months?….I put my money on blonde to sandy brown!

Comment by Some-1-U-Know

Isn’t this what Brit-Brit did right before she craked up? I see a cue-ball in Lindsey’s future.

Comment by lemndrop

Some-1-U-Know its for a movie role but nice try anyways.

Comment by iwannamarryjay-z

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