April 8, 2007, 4:40 pm
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Pregnant songstress Charlotte Church cools down after catching the sun at an exclusive $2500 a night resort in Thailand on Saturday, where she is staying with babydaddy Gavin Henson‘s sister.


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Wow. I look at this picture and can’t help but think that it is going to take her a LONG time to lose the baby weight. I don’t think she’s that pregnant is she?
(oh and I think it’s crazy that stars lose their weight like five weeks after a baby, I just think that this girl is gaining TOO much weight)

Comment by yeahso?

[…] Charlotte Church  – In A Bikini.  Pregnant.  In Cornrows – Faded Youth Blog […]

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Ohhh! Fun!!!! We cna go skiing down her moguls of cellulite!!!

Comment by Sheila

wow, not her best look that’s for sure.
but she is pregnant right? so she kinda gets a break for the body- but that’s still no excuse for that disgusting bikini!

Comment by kali


Comment by dgdf

She was a bigger girl even before she was pregnant so I’d say she is going to get a lot bigger than this. How was everyones Easter by the way?

Comment by Stephi

I am so losing intrest in this site…only one post this whole day!!!

Comment by hotstuff

i’d rather look at charlotte church in her bikini than nicole richie in her’s, hands down. without a doubt, nicole’s emaciated body in is more offensive

Comment by Anonymous

she doesn’t look pregnant to me, just big. (I know she is preggers though)

she’s always been big……I’m a Jew, but thanks for asking about my Easter Stephi….LOL

Comment by parissucksliterally

^ditto what PSL said.

Comment by thighmegatampon

i’d rather look at charlotte church in her bikini than nicole richie in her’s, hands down. without a doubt, nicole’s emaciated body in is more offensive
Comment by Anonymous 04.08.07 @ 11:16 pm

SO TRUE i’m with you there mate! though i agree with kali that the most offensive thing of all is that bikini. wow she looks so young and she’s having a baby!

Comment by SAS

stephi my easter weekend was great i went to byron for blues n roots! it was just fabulous though it rained (as usual!)

Comment by SAS

She’s 4 months pregnant. Already too big and she’s going to get bigger.

My Easter involved a lot of eating 🙂
But seeing that photo made me stop for a moment.

Comment by Shoe_freak

People people people… The girl is a normal size!! Not a 2 or 1 or a 0…she’s also pregnant. Most woman have cellulite as you all already know. Also I think that more bigger women should be in Hollywood…but maybe Charlotte will go on her talk show wearing ‘the exact same bathing suit’ a la Tyra Banks. Ah wait no…charlotte isn’t a huge stupid transvestite so she wouldn’t do that

Comment by Liv

I think she looks hot .I hope she is going to have a baby

Comment by tony

I love this girl and her ‘not giving two shits’ attitude! I only wish more women were like her. She doesn’t have the cleanest or most modest past, but she could care less. She knows she is bigger than a toothpick and still wears a swimsuit like that. Good for her! :o)

Comment by Shani

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