April 8, 2007, 12:21 am
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Supermodel Heidi Klum crawled out from underneath the pile of baby clothes she’s been living under for the last five months to celebrate her second QVC appearance at the Beverly Hills Hotel yesterday in L.A. 

 As for what the German goddess is doing in the water — well, let’s just say she was “accidentally” pushed in to highlight her new jewerly line’s resilience.

Interestingly, Naomi Campbell‘s whereabouts have been unaccounted for.  Draw your own conclusions.


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She is a clever business woman.

Comment by B :)

The guy in the top pic (left), is really cute. He kind of looks like a friend of mine.

Comment by Aysla

Aysla, I hope you’re banging him.

Comment by 4.54

She looks awful here. She has a wonky eye and a jack-o-lantern grimace. Why is she considered a super model? There is nothing super about her. Average pretty at best.

Comment by Jane

hmmm…so when is Project Runway coming back on?

happy easter everyone

Comment by laurie

This is not a good picture of her, but Jane–she is anything but average pretty. Her supermodeling days are way behind her, but 2 kids later, she looks great!

Comment by Anonymous

God, she annoys me. She seems so phoney. She’s not smiling, she’s showing her teeth.

Comment by Anonymous

bad pictures.

Comment by hrvatica

Way to steal your jokes from other blogs

Comment by Hannah

The Naomi Campbell joke is from Holy Candy. LAME!!!

Comment by Hannah

Comment by 4.54 04.08.07 @ 3:20 am

^LOL. I wish, but we’re very much ‘just friends’. Sigh…

Comment by Aysla

People who are saying she doesn’t look good here…do you look this good after being pushed into the water? I love Heidi I think she’s gorgeous and she has such a cute personality. She won me over when she yodelled on the Tyra show.

Comment by Stephi

She looks amazing.

Comment by Agustina

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